Satya Gade, Vistra
Vistra is Aisera's customer

We have a bold vision in deploying Generative AI at Vistra Energy – revolutionizing our employee experience through a self-service paradigm that boosts user productivity while freeing up our agents for more impactful initiatives. Aisera’s Generative AI solution, AiseraGPT, is a powerhouse – our goal is to leverage this platform for resolving user requests with unparalleled accuracy and achieve a new era of efficiency and operational excellence for us. Aisera is a great partner in accomplishing this goal.

Satya Gade

Director – Digital Experience


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Vistra AI IT Support platform

Vistra Unleashes Self-Service & Makes L0 Tickets Disappear with AiseraGPT

Founded in 2016, Vistra is the largest competitive power generator in the U.S., whose portfolio includes natural gas, nuclear, solar, and battery energy storage facilities. In order to better support their employees and improve user productivity, the company looked to AiseraGPT to streamline their IT service desk operations.

Using AiseraGPT, which is embedded in Vistra’s Microsoft Teams implementation, employees can receive instant and accurate answers. The bot surfaces personalized results for employees, which allows the company to provide automated support for L0 requests. By automating 67% of employee requests, Vistra has increased productivity and user satisfaction while achieving $1M+ in cost savings.

AI Service Desk for Vistra