Generative AI for Procurement & Supply Chain

Optimize supply chain management and automation of procurement processes

Generative AI for procurement

Revolutionize Procurement & Supply Chain with Gen AI

AiseraGPT and AI Copilot leverage pre-trained domain-specific large language models (LLMs) to revolutionize procurement and supply chain by accurately forecasting demand, optimizing supplier selection, automating contract drafting, order tracking, and analyzing pricing and risks. They resolve natural language requests, enhance vendor communication, enable proactive reminders, and streamline logistics.

Our Gen AI products seamlessly integrate with Coupa, SAP ERP, Oracle Cloud ERP and more, leveraging real-time data to deliver accurate, personalized responses and efficiently fulfill procurement and supply chain needs while ensuring ethical sourcing and sustainability compliance.

Generative AI for supply chain

Process Automation

Automate the entire invoice processing lifecycle by triggering AI workflows, including order processing, invoicing, and shipment tracking. Simply use natural language to adjust order quantities, delivery dates, shipping addresses, and more.

Process Automation

Spend Analysis

Analyze spending patterns across different categories and identify cost savings and efficiency improvement opportunities. This helps procurement teams to manage budgets and allocate resources more effectively and efficiently.

spend analysis

Contract Management

Facilitate fast and thorough contract review by extracting crucial details, ensuring compliance with company policies and local laws. Generate standardized contracts and documents based on predefined templates, saving time and ensuring consistency across the organization.

Contract management

Inventory Management & Demand Forecasting

Proactively alert procurement teams across multiple channels when inventory levels fall below a certain threshold and trigger reorders. Facilitate regular inventory checks and audits. AI Copilot can also adjust prices based on real-time demand and supply conditions to optimize inventory turnovers.

inventory management

Supplier Management

Streamline logistics by analyzing transportation routes, performance history, pricing, inventory management, and supplier lead times to pinpoint the best suppliers for specific products. Track and assess supplier performance to ensure compliance with contracts and quality standards.

supply chain management

Risk Mitigation

Analyze risk factors such as financial stability and supply chain disruptions to generate risk profiles and recommend mitigation strategies to reduce procurement risks.

Risk mitigation