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By streamlining our employee service experience to auto-resolve support requests using workflow automation, knowledge, and service catalogs from ServiceNow, Aisera enables Zoom employees to get instant answers to their IT issues. We are ecstatic with the results and benefits that Aisera’s AI Service Desk has given us.

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Instant Employee Support with Generative AI for Enterprise

With over 5,000 monthly tickets and a rapidly growing customer base, Zoom sought to improve its current level of automation and self-service for employees. Zoom leverages AI Service Desk, including a Generative AI-powered virtual assistant to provide its employees with unified self-service across company channels. By equipping employees with intelligent self-service resolutions via ChatGPT-like interactions, Zoom quickly improved its auto-resolution rate, employee satisfaction, agent productivity, and MTTR. Through Aisera’s 24×7 Generative AI-powered virtual agent, Zoom continues to ensure top-tier employee satisfaction and proactive support solutions. Zoom improved employee satisfaction by 80% and reduced support costs by $1 million.