Enterprise LLM with Aisera

Buy, Build, or Bring Your Enterprise LLMs and Operationalize Your Generative AI App

Many organizations and business units find themselves faced with a crucial decision: whether to build their own generative AI application or purchase existing solutions. This dilemma is further complicated by concerns about future developments and the ability to extend their work to yet-to-be-imagined applications.

Aisera can help with your Enterprise LLM development & deployment! Aisera’s AI Service Experience platform gives the choice to buy, build or bring LLMs, and efficiently operationalize them into a chatbot or Generative App. Organizations can easily start now and extend seamlessly to any functional domain and/or industry vertical in the future.

By 2028, more than 50% of enterprises that have built large AI models from scratch will abandon their efforts due to costs, complexity and technical debt in their deployments.

Buy Your Enterprise LLM

Do you have a unique requirement for your domain or industry and would like to acquire an LLM for it? You can buy an enterprise-ready LLM from Aisera that is trained and fine-tuned for your unique requirements using your data (tickets, conversation logs, KBs, and business applications). Aisera can then also take it a step further by operationalizing it into a bot or Generative AI app, saving you time, money and the needed expertise for building, deploying and maintaining it.

Large Language models in different industries and domains

Build Your Enterprise LLM

Aren’t sure what it takes to build an LLM? Aisera provides all the necessary tools and support to help you build your enterprise-grade LLM that is trained on your dataset, in a do-it-yourself (DIY) manner. You can further integrate that LLM into Aisera’s flexible AI Service Experience platform to deploy your Generative AI application.

Bring Your Enterprise LLM

Do you already have an LLM but don’t know how to utilize it effectively? Aisera’s LLM gateway can seamlessly execute any LLM in its AI Service Experience platform and transform it into a Generative AI app or an AI Copilot with AiseraGPT and Generative AI, where chatbots meet actionbots, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of your domain and automation of complex requests through AI action workflows.


What is the use of LLM in enterprise?

You should estimate the value and utility of the technology based on your specific enterprise LLM use cases. On a high level, LLMs can be used to streamline content creation, automate analysis, and facilitate manual tasks. In some cases, they can also fuel your innovation efforts and business strategy.

What are the benefits of leveraging Large Language Models in enterprise?

Large Language Models in the enterprise give you natural language understanding and the ability to generate answers and summaries for your users. The LLM also provides personalized recommendations and curated content by analyzing past user interactions. By extracting user insights from data, they allow you to provide instant answers and frictionless user experience.

How do LLMs differ in their application for enterprises vs. midsize businesses?

Both enterprises and midsized businesses can gain the benefits of using Generative AI tools powered by LLMs to improve efficiency, enhance the user experience, and reduce costs. LLMs used for Enterprises may handle larger volumes of data and require increased scalability compared to mid-sized businesses.

What makes AiseraLLM unique as an LLM for enterprises?

AiseraLLM is grounded to your data and uses domain-specific LLMs tailored to your domain and industry, which ensures accurate and relevant answers every time. AiseraLLM also can be operationalized into an AI virtual assistant or Generative AI App, where action bots help you deliver auto-remediation of various tasks. This allows your users to focus on higher-value tasks, saving time and increasing user experiences.