AI Analytics and Dashboard

Powerful out-of-the-box performance analytics to make data-driven decisions

Predict Outcomes with AI Analytics

Get real-time insights into user interactions and measure and analyze performance to drive customer engagement. Aisera’s robust conversational and performance analytics allow organizations to take the guesswork out of the decision-making process and make more informed business decisions.

Design and build custom reports, widgets, and dashboards to better understand user trends, knowledge gaps, unresolved requests, escalation rates, etc. to improve the overall performance of the AI virtual assistant.

Real-time Metrics and Reporting

Captures and presents data in easy-to-consume format – identify opportunities to improve resolution and bot performance.

Single-pane-of-glass with pre-built dashboards

100 prebuilt visualization provides organizations the conversational insights from day one to improve engagement and enablement.

Comprehensive Auditing and Logging

Capture, track and enrich every conversation request and interaction within Aisera’s administrative console.

Custom Reports and Dashboards

Build custom reporting and visualization, create graphical widgets, and drillable reports for in-depth analysis and deeper insight as per your business needs.

Integration with Third-Party Analytics, Dashboards and Reports

Aisera provides predefined integrations with leading analytic providers such as Tableau and Power BI

AI Analytics FAQs

What is AI analytics?

AI analytics refers to the use of artificial intelligence to analyze, interpret and derive insights from data. It aims to automate and enhance the process of extracting valuable information from large datasets, enabling organizations to gain a deeper understanding of their data, identify trends and make informed decisions.

How to use AI for data analytics?

Leveraging AI for data analytics involves defining clear objectives, collecting and preparing high quality data, selecting appropriate machine learning models, and integrating them with existing analytics tools. AI analytics can identify complex patterns and provide predictive insights that may not be readily apparent in manual analysis.

Will AI take over data analytics?

AI is a powerful tool in data analytics, automating routine tasks and augmenting human capabilities. While AI brings efficiency and advanced capabilities, human expertise remains indispensable for critical thinking, contextual understanding and ethical decision making in data analysis.

What's now and next in AI analytics and automation?

The democratization of AI in the recent months has made AI accessible to individuals without extensive technical expertise, enabling self-service analytics and automation. The evolving synergy between AI, analytics and automation is poised to revolutionize how we harness and leverage data for transformative outcomes.