Universal Bot

Multi-domain and context switching Generative AI assistant to resolve user requests across channels

Deliver A ChatGPT-like Experience Across Your Enterprise

Aisera’s universal bot is an all-encompassing AI-powered bot that drives a new level of automation, speed, and availability. Unlike conventional single-purpose, rule-based bots, Aisera’s Generative AI bot delivers ChatGPT-like experience that can respond to user requests across multiple domains and channels and in multiple languages. This results in a better user experience along with minimizing the deployment and maintenance costs.

Users can interact with the universal bot to ask questions related to IT (ex: Reset Password) or HR (ex: Request Leave) and the bot will route requests appropriately to provide the best response.

Universal Bot Deliver A ChatGPT-like Experience Across Your Enterprise

Integrations to third-party bots

Supports multiple domains and route requests to third-party bots (example: Workday, ServiceNow, etc.) across the enterprise – IT, Finance, HR, Sales Operations, etc. Based on the user request, the Universal Bot determines the relevant bot to route requests and provide the best resolution.

Execute complex workflows across multiple departments

Access to over 1200+ built-in integrations and guided workflows to quickly develop and deploy business workflows that can be triggered conversationally.

Real-time analytics for actionable insights

Get valuable insights on how users are interacting with the universal virtual assistant and drill down to an individual bot to improve performance and increase efficiency.

Built-in Support for over 100+ Languages

Supports over 100+ languages and recognizes more than one trillion phrases. With built-in language detection, it responds to employee and customer requests seamlessly in their preferred language and channel of choice.

Universal Bot FAQs

What is a Universal Bot?

Universal Bot acts as a hub that consolidates multiple standard bots into a singular user interface. It dynamically interprets user interactions, directing queries to the relevant bot for swift intent recognition and resolution, mirroring seamless, cross-functional automation and enhanced user experiences.

Can we train the Universal Bot?

Yes, training the Universal Bot is not only feasible but crucial to optimize its efficiency and accuracy in routing user queries to the appropriate Bots. By leveraging a mix of Invocation Phrases and Training Utterances, you can finely tune the bot's ability to identify and engage with the correct linked bots, ensuring a streamlined and relevant user experience. Regular review and refinement of the bot identification process through Utterance Testing are imperative for maintaining optimal performance.

What are the differences between a Universal Bot and a Fallback Bot?

The Universal Bot orchestrates user inquiries to specific Standard Bots, leveraging advanced training to ensure accuracy. Conversely, the Fallback Bot acts as a safety net, catching and handling queries the Universal Bot or universal GPT can't process due to training limits. It guarantees responses to all inquiries, enhancing user experience by ensuring no question is left unaddressed.

What are popular use cases for the Universal Bot?

Banking: It consolidates product-specific bots (loans, accounts) into a singular interface, enabling seamless customer service and independent bot development and updates.
Human Resources: It centralizes various HR functions (leave management, performance reviews) into one HR Bot, starting with FAQs and expanding to more complex services, simplifying the employee experience by negating the need to navigate through multiple bots.