Provide Trusted & Permission Aware Results

Generate search results based on users’ ACL (Access Control List) access to restrict unauthorized users from accessing business-sensitive information – results are secure, private, and permissions-aware, ensuring strict adherence to privacy and security protocols.

Provide Trusted & Permission Aware Responses

Supercharge User Productivity with Micro-actions

Facilitate task completion and save time with micro-actions that will allow users to take actions within the search portal. With micro-actions, users can directly update tickets, review and merge code changes, modify file permissions, collaborate with users via messages, take action in apps, and more. This minimizes disruptions and enhances the user experience by providing convenience and efficiency.

Supercharge User Productivity with Micro-actions

Autocomplete Search Suggestions

Provide predictive search query suggestions that allow users to search faster without the need to manually type every character.

Autocomplete Search Suggestions

Access to 500+ Prebuilt Integrations

Instantly connect to backend systems, leverage existing knowledge sources, and search across all platforms and content types for a seamless user experience.

Access to 500+ Prebuilt Integrations

Enterprise AI Search FAQs

What is an enterprise AI search engine?

An enterprise search engine enables seamless information retrieval across all repositories and business applications, providing users with accurate, consistent and contextual results. It leverages large language models (LLMs) to understand queries in natural language and generate tailored responses while adhering to the organization's security and privacy policies.

What are the benefits of Enterprise AI Search?

The benefits of AI enterprise and neural search include personalized responses based on user's preferences, behavior and historical interaction. It can understand and comprehend natural language queries, making the search experience more intuitive and user friendly.

What does LLM-powered enterprise search mean?

LLM-powered enterprise search enables semantic understanding of natural language inquiries, allowing users to have a more intelligent and effective search experience.

How does Generative AI impact enterprise search?

Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize enterprise search from a transactional process to an engaging conversational experience. By leveraging Generative AI in enterprise search, it enables users to engage in natural language and receive personalized and relevant responses.