Deliver Omnichannel Experiences With Generative AI

Engage users with Generative AI for a ChatGPT-like experience on their preferred channel

Provide Best-in-Class ChatGPT-like Support Across Multiple Channels

Today’s users want support in their preferred channels and Aisera’s advanced Generative AI helps you deliver an effective and seamless omnichannel customer experience. Provide consistent and impactful support across Digital – MS Teams, Slack, Zoom Chat, and Voice, SMS, Email, WebChat, Social, and more.

Personalized Service on Any Channel

Leverage Aisera’s user profile service and persona to offer a tailored experience across channels. Whether you are on MS Teams, Slack, Voice, Email, or any other channel, Aisera understands your user’s needs and preferences.

Multichannel Multimodal Experience

Empower your users with multiple modalities of interaction across digital and voice within a conversation request. Users can move seamlessly between different channels during the same customer engagement for a seamless experience.

Support for Visual Elements Across Channels

Aisera supports a variety of visual and rich-text elements across channels such as buttons, forms, tables, lists, cards, carousels, and visual and audio streams.

Predefined Channel Connectors

Aisera provides support for a variety of channels and endpoints from Webchat, Messaging – Slack, MS Teams, Social – Twitter, Webhook, Form Intercept, Phone/IVR, Voice, Email, and API.

Direct Insights to Improve Service Experience

Drive revenue opportunities, boost satisfaction, and improve the overall service experience by tracking 360 degree user feedback across all channels.