Copilot for Zendesk

Auto-Resolution, Agent-Assist, and AI-Driven Workflows for Zendesk

AiseraGPT for Zendesk AI

Aisera’s AI Copilot solution provides Zendesk Customers with top-of-the-line performance by integrating cases, knowledge base, and the community with multi-channel support, including Live Chat Handover. Aisera’s AI Customer Service solution also offers advanced and intelligent self-service Virtual Assistant and Agent-Assist capabilities such as recommendations on case resolutions, next-best actions, and case auto-classification.

Aisera’s Copilot for enterprise drastically improves customer experiences and reduces agent workload.

Solution Brief

How It Works

Aisera leverages Knowledge Base, cases, and live chat on Zendesk to auto-resolve incoming support requests and auto-classify cases with intelligent automation, supporting service agents and creating exceptional self-service resolutions for customers.


Autonomous multi-turn conversational experiences with supervised and unsupervised NLP, NLU and NLG.

Get 1200+ out-of-the-box workflows on Aisera’s AI-native RPA to automate workflows for common customer issues.

Use Aisera’s Ticket AI seamlessly integrated with Zendesk to empower users with self-service resolutions and automatic classification, routing, custom case attributing, and applying macros as well as Agent-Assist capabilities.

Provide customers with effortless transfers and easy escalations to human agents through automated case creation or live chat.

Automatically leverage and apply macros in Zendesk to seamlessly integrate with existing workflows.

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Featured Case Study

Aisera’s AI Customer Service solution on Zendesk helped Dave process high volumes of support requests by auto-resolving incoming cases. Read this case study to see how Dave was able to drive better customer experiences for users.

Case Study