Conversational AI for Customer Service

Reimagine customer experience with Generative AI and ChatGPT for enterprise

Best-in-Class Generative AI Technology

Aisera’s smart contextual Generative AI assistant is built for enterprises to deliver an exceptional self-service experience for your customers across voice and digital channels such as SMS, email, webchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, API, and more.

With our state-of-the-art Generative AI technology, our virtual assistant can comprehend natural language and generate human-like responses like ChatGPT to complex customer queries, providing an unparalleled level of personalization and efficiency.

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Customer Experience and Conversational AI

Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty

Offer proactive and contextual conversational experience across support, sales and marketing with ease.

Build frictionless conversational experience

Provide seamless experience with conversational messages and no-code action workflows with our powerful self-learning AI engine.

Provide exceptional 24x7 support

Amaze your customers with round the clock and around the globe support – anytime on any channel in a language of their choice.

Unsupervised & Supervised Generative AI for frictionless interaction

Bootstrap your multilingual virtual assistant with unsupervised & supervised Generative AI that continuously learns and automatically understands intents and phrases from analyzing 150 million tickets and over 1.1 billion conversations to deliver self-service resolutions across the omnichannel (voice, chat, and text) and in over 100 languages.

Proactive Alerts & Notifications, Live Agent Handover

Drive customer engagement by sending relevant and timely information to users such as order tracking or refund status. Seamlessly transition to a live agent for additional support or escalations.

Contextual Conversations and Multi-Intent handling

Create a consistent experience by maintaining conversation context across channels. An adaptive ChatGPT for enterprise-like AI that can dynamically switch contexts when the user changes subject to create a personalized and proactive experience for each customer, in every interaction.

Interactive Analytics & User Profile-Based Recommendations

Personalize resolutions with AI recommendation models, custom dashboards, and drillable reports that are built on user profile and preference across the full customer journey.

Pre-built Connectors and Guided Workflows

Access to over 1200+ built-in integrations and guided flows to quickly develop and deploy knowledge workflows that can be triggered conversationally. Give customers a prescriptive and proactive conversational experience to elevate the overall customer experience.

Conversational AI customer Experience

Built-in Support for Multiple Languages

With over 100+ languages available out-of-box, Aisera’s multilingual Generative AI with built-in language detection quickly responds to customer requests in their preferred language and channel of choice.