Increase Revenue with these 5 AI and Automation Strategies

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine Learning (ML) pave the yellow-brick road towards growth and scalability by providing smart solutions to increase business revenue increasingly with every passing quarter.

Using AI and automation solutions in your daily business operations is truly digital transformation at its finest. It allows for personalized support and customized experiences to show your customers that you’ve got a handle on every situation.

AI and automation enable industries to innovate, succeed, and thrive by offering a better decision-making process and employee productivity which leads to a growth rate in revenue, not only is it profitable but the data mining carried out by AI-enabled solutions empowers sales teams to prospect with more success; customer support teams to provide the best service to customers; and IT teams are able to resolve business-critical problems in a timely manner.

“It is difficult to think of a major industry that AI will not transform. This includes healthcare, education, transportation, retail, communications, and agriculture. There are surprisingly clear paths for AI to make a big difference in all of these industries.”- Andrew Ng, Computer Scientist and Global Leader in AI.

Targeted Marketing to Increase Sales

AI can be leveraged to identify data patterns from the user’s consumer behavior and build out the sales funnel more accurately than a human. The AI pinpoints high-quality leads, which in all likelihood will be a solid buyer. AI-powered advertising platforms, chatbots, and data analytical systems are useful here. AI and machine learning will also be able to customize personalized content based on historical customer data and this is a big assist in automating the sales process.

A streamlined marketing strategy is at the center of the success of any organization, and targeting to reach the right audience assures the best results.

Support Cost Cutting & Boost Revenue with AI

The demand for machine learning algorithms is rampant and every business should explore AI to boost revenue and gain accelerated performance. Usually, a data scientist would spend their time plugging features manually but with AI-powered solutions, the machine learning algorithm can automate tasks like selecting features, tuning models, preprocessing and evaluating results, etc. All this helps with problem-solving and leads to positive business outcomes.

Benefits of using AI and automation:

AI-powered Chatbots

With the evolution of AI, chatbot technology has become efficient and has become a time-saving model.

A Conversational AI Platform acts as a bridge for scaling the gaps between employee effort and management. It uses data effortlessly and problems can be detected and addressed earlier than they turn out to be the foremost troubles for the organization. Some of the more prominent features that make AI chatbots so promising are:

  • Intelligent virtual assistants like Aisera offer a human-like customer service interaction experience to improve customer service metrics, including auto-resolution rate significantly and positively influence NPS & CSAT scores.
  • Available to deal with customer queries and problems 24/7, while providing a multi-lingual and omnichannel support experience in the customer’s preferred language and channel.
  • Have a frictionless agent handoff experience when the AI Chatbot can’t deal with escalations that require agent assistance.

Automated Workflows

It’s exciting to automate in the workforce because employees are freed of needless mundane tasks and processes which can be automated to execute operations like data analysis and customer engagement. Your staff has more time and the technology gives your organization a serious upgrade. Conversational automation (RPA) becomes indispensable to workflow automation, enabling users to get the quick answers they need through natural language interaction.

A sophisticated system like Aisera’s AI Customer Service expedites contact with a human agent if an issue can’t be solved by self-service, delivering a superior customer experience.

Optimizing Pricing

AI is able to track and capture a customer’s online footprint in real-time and gauge insights into how they interact online. AI services can monitor the different devices used by customers and their website preferences and whether they have been converted through paid marketing/ email marketing or a different technique. Based on user path deals, duration of deals, win/loss rate, and other parameters, AI is suited to identify optimal discount prices.

This is how AI creates personalized pricing strategies for different users.

Aisera Saves Millions of Dollars for Carta

Carta needed the ability to quickly scale customer service metrics while improving its CSATs. Challenges in their knowledge base-only approach to customer self-service meant most issues required an agent to assist. With data scattered across its landscape, Carta lacked a complete view of how to respond to service trends. As a financial services company, PII compliance including data anonymization, redaction, and encryption were also key requirements for any solution.

Through Aisera, Carta achieved 95% customer satisfaction (CSAT) and $1 million in cost savings. Aisera’s Conversational AI provides fast, accurate, and around-the-clock auto-resolutions to deliver better self-service experiences for its customers.

Book a personalized AI demo and partner with Aisera to learn how your business can profit by leveraging our unique business solutions for cutting costs, growing efficiently, and increasing revenue with AI and automation at scale.

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