ITSM ROI: Why Time to Value is Key for Enterprises Today

ITSM is so much more than cost reductions and resolving queries. ITSM aids in boosting employee productivity, automates repetitive daily tasks, and fulfills numerous needs across enterprises.

It is blatantly obvious that successful companies leverage technological solutions to find resolutions in real-time; and time to value is a key metric that drives business decisions. It is often a common denominator between your company’s success compared to that of your competitors.

Time to value is a metric that can be calculated like ROI. Where ROI gauges the financial success of any investment, time to value calculates the speed and effectiveness of an investment. If you’re quick to implement a technology successfully at the get-go, your enterprise stands to gain a competitive edge. It could be by doubling customer acquisition or increasing retention rates, but it’s a given that the shorter the time to value, the faster you’ll see revenue growth.

Benchmark Your Productivity

On average employees lose 2 entire days worth of productivity in a year due to technical issues, whereas employees with sub-par ITSM systems can lose up to 6 days in productivity.

Let’s say your company has over 500 employees, it can amount to an additional 2,000 unproductive workdays. When you calculate the missing productivity costs it can go up to $500,000 per year, but using reliable ITSM systems is sure to save your company $500,000 in productivity costs.

Problem and incident management modules assist IT teams to preemptively identify problems before they occur, keeping employees productive. You can compare your company’s performance to your peers in the same industry. The savings here should also be included with the IT team’s ROI calculations and can either be measured against internal benchmarks or market trends. Aisera’s ROI calculator will give you an idea of exactly how much you will save using our AI and automation solutions.

ITSM Efficiency to Save Your Organization Money

When employees have adequate resources at their disposal, they feel supported by their management and they are immediately well-equipped to handle any setbacks without any hindrance to performance. Whether it’s simple troubleshooting, expense reports or even just printing out business cards; a well-constructed service desk experience can handle all sorts of business requirements. In fact, there are hundreds of ways a modern service desk can streamline multiple services across departments. Savings can be calculated for improving ITSM capabilities like –

When agents are handling three tickets simultaneously via the chatbot, the cost per ticket will drop from the average cost of $20 to $8. That’s a $12 saving per ticket which would save $6,000 per month if 500 tickets are efficiently handled via intelligent virtual assistants. Savings like these make it straightforward to justify ITSM investments to executive leadership and the board.

Measure your ROI for ITSM and Become a Leader in Your Industry

ITSM systems deliver a significant return on their initial investment. IT organizations that are capable of demonstrating the economic benefits they bring to the overall organization have an easier time justifying their costs and getting management buy-in to their service management platforms.

Service management platforms deliver a significant and measurable return on investment in every area they touch. This technical advantage helps departments to increase profits through reduced expenses

Measuring ITSM ROI is pretty straightforward and benefits the company in so many visible ways.

  • Reporting uncovers usage adoption and user trends
  • Planning ITSM workflows bridges service delivery gaps between IT and the business
  • Metrics can pinpoint the priority issues needed to be resolved
  • End users are able to adopt self-service seamlessly
  • Provides greater business value to the organization
  • Cost savings can be observed and measured


AI-driven ITSM tools shorten time to value as it assists with user-level personalization, segmentation, send-time optimization and even pre-built analytics. Seek out a platform which offers solutions that are powered by vertical-specific knowledge and built-in use cases so that you’re filling in data for the next couple of months to attain increased auto-resolution rates, improve overall productivity and increase cost savings. Aisera helps global brands do exactly that with AI and automation.

Zoom Employees are Supported Instantly by World Class AI

Zoom sought to improve its current level of automation and self-service for employees. Zoom leverages Aisera’s AI service desk and conversational AI virtual agent to provide its employees with unified self-service across company channels. By equipping employees with intelligent self-service resolutions, Zoom quickly improved overall performances with:

  • 78% Auto-resolution Rate
  • 80% Increased Employee Satisfaction
  • 85% Improved Agent Productivity
  • 90% MTTR Improvement

AI and automation have the power to disrupt long-time legacy ITSM tools at enterprises while giving high-growth companies a chance to cause a stir in the market. All decision-makers must rethink their strategies, take bold chances, and use AI and automation to pave the way into the future! Aisera offers AI-driven service experience solutions that help automate various requests for IT, HR, Finance, Customer Service, Sales and marketing, and much more with Conversational AI and automation.

Through Aisera’s 24×7 virtual agent, Zoom continues to ensure top-tier employee satisfaction and proactive support solutions. Zoom improved employee satisfaction by 80% and reduced support costs by over $1 million.

Use our ITSM ROI Calculator to calculate your cost savings by implementing AI & automation to scale your IT service management (ITSM) like never before. Get in touch with us for a personalized AI demo today!

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