What is Event Studio Platform?

Event Studio is an automation and orchestration platform designed to take action 24/7/365 on Events that admins or agents think are critical to boosting agents’ productivity. There are numerous types of Events that can be configured, assigned priority, and sequence in which they should be executed.

It can also be integrated with existing tools and workflows, providing real-time assistance enhancing agent’s productivity, and optimizing business operations as an outcome.

Admins can not only configure the most critical events within the Event Studio but also any event in general which will help improve organization-wide performance and productivity.

What is an Event?

As mentioned above, an Event could be critical or non-critical. Let’s understand this via a few examples. Let’s say you have a SOR (for example – ServiceNow, SaleForce, Zendesk..etc) and there is a Critical, P1, or a major incident reported. Now, an Event in the Event Studio can be configured to keep an eye on the Incidents created in the SOR. Alternatively, webhooks can be configured within the SOR to invoke the Event in the Event Studio.

Event Studio has the ability to understand the context of the Incident created and take certain actions based on the priority, sequence, and nature of the event. Admins can also configure non-critical Events (or any event in general) to help them improve their productivity.

For example – if there are incidents in the SOR that have not been acted upon for more than 5 days (for example), an Event can be configured to send a reminder to the respective agents. There could 100s of such Events that can be configured to improve organization-wide efficiency and productivity.

Need of Event Studio for AI Copilot

Now that you are familiar with the overall EventStudio and Events in general, let’s focus on the need for Event Studio in AI Copilot that revolutionized the customer experience(CX) industry. The goal of AI Copilot is to make support agents’ lives easy and to make them more productive. One of the efficient ways to do so is to automate tasks and help them focus on the important ones!

The introduction of Event Studio in the AI Copilot space solves this problem. Event Studio does the heavy lifting of automaking tasks that boosts agents’ productivity and saves costs for an organization. There are several actions that can be automated and they can be as simple as sending a reminder email and as complex as executing a complex workflow to take action on the SORs or any third-party application. This could be for remediation to prevent the damage based on the anomalies reported or discovered.

Event Studio is interconnected with all of Aisera’s products and can help admins get their attention on the internal Events too. For example – if the Resolution Rate drops below 80%, an Event can be configured to send notifications to all the stakeholders and perhaps start a war room meeting.

How does Event Studio Work

In the realm of AI Copilot, admins can create two types of Events within the Event Studio.

  1. External Events
  2. Internal Events

External Events

External Events are configured to respond to occurrences in external SOR systems. Admins can create events that listen to webhooks from external systems and take desired actions based on the context, priority, and sequence of events. This saves a ton of time for agents to focus on other tasks resulting in a boost in their productivity.

Internal Events

Internal Events are configured to address internal operational concerns such as declining ResolutionRates, reduced ticket ingestion from SORs, and anticipation of Major Incidents .. etc. This helps agents focus on internal irregularities and focus and fix the issue proactively.

Admin can create Events ( External, Internal, Critical, and Non-critical) through the Aisera admin UI within the Event Studio. During the event creation process, the admin has the option to configure specific conditions that must be satisfied before triggering the appropriate fulfillment or action. These conditions are applicable to both Internal and External events and support the use of complex Regex.

Once created, in case of external events, it listens through webhooks, becoming self-activated upon receiving requests from external SORs. If the configured conditions align, the corresponding fulfillment is invoked. Admins can also determine the priority and sequence of event invocation.

In terms of Fulfillment, Event Studio supports various actions, including sending notifications to specific users or agents, executing actions on SORs or external systems, launching campaigns, triggering workflows, facilitating ticket concierge, enabling auto-resolutions, and much more.

Administrators can define organization-specific actions, tailoring the system to meet the unique needs of their environment or department. Aisera’s Event Studio thus provides a comprehensive solution for Event orchestration, offering a structured and efficient approach to managing both internal and external operational events.

What Makes AI Copilot Unique with Event Studio


Event Studio is equipped with an array of preconfigured events, making it a swift process to set up both internal and external events for production deployment. With the capability to configure and deploy hundreds of events on day one, Event Studio ensures a seamless transition into enterprise-level operations.


Technical expertise is not a prerequisite for administrators to configure and deploy events in production. Event Studio streamlines the process, requiring minimal effort from admins. It’s a straightforward process, ensuring a user-friendly experience in managing and deploying events.


The impact of Event Studio is tangible, delivering immediate results and heightened productivity. Whether the studio autonomously executes actions without human intervention or fosters team collaboration, the positive outcomes are readily observable, enhancing overall efficiency.

OOTB Integration

Aisera boasts support for hundreds of integrations, and Event Studio capitalizes on this capability to seamlessly ingest required data from external systems. Leveraging these integrations, administrators can effortlessly configure events according to specific needs, establishing a robust out-of-the-box integration framework.


Event Studio is a great addition to AI Copilot to help boost agents’ productivity by automating the majority of tasks that take up a lot of their time. It also ensures that customer support representatives don’t miss out on any of the important updates thereby improving the organization’s wide productivity, reducing cost, and improving customer service metrics including CSAT.

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