Copilot for Slack

Conversational AI, Automation, and Agent-Assist Solution for Slack

AI Service Desk

Aisera’s Copilot for Slack provides employees with pleasant self-service experiences and improves the productivity of organizations. Aisera auto-resolves incoming employee support requests using Conversational AI and automation for out-of-the-box AI-driven automated workflows. Leverage AI Copilot to support employees with instant access to knowledge, streamlined work processes, reduced workloads, and dramatic employee satisfaction improvements.

How It Works

Aisera’s cloud-native AI solution uses Conversational AI and Conversational RPA to accurately understand and instantly resolve support requests right within Slack using its out-of-the-box integrations to leading systems such as ServiceNow, Jira, Salesforce, Zendesk, and BMC.

slack integration with aisera


Automate and optimize multi-turn conversational experiences for users with Aisera’s proprietary supervised and unsupervised NLP, NLU, and NLG on Slack.

Get the most out of workflows with access to 1200+ out-of-the-box, pre-built workflows automated on Aisera’s AI-native RPA.

Provide users with Aisera’s AI-driven Virtual Assistant for IT, HR, Facilities, and Sales departments for instant knowledge retrieval and self-service for requests and inquiries.

Aisera creates seamless and frictionless experiences with deep integrations to existing systems such as ServiceNow, Jira, Zendesk, Salesforce, BMC, and more.

Create customized and configurable notifications, alerts, and flows to proactively address user issues and requests for higher engagement and faster resolutions with Listening Mode on Slack

Featured Case Study

By leveraging Aisera’s AI Service Management solution on Slack, Dartmouth was able to deliver 60% auto-resolutions of IT support requests for students and faculty. Aisera quickly reduced wait times and high ticket volumes on Slack to make digital access to learning, teaching, and collaboration easier.

Case Study