Copilot for ServiceNow

Conversational AI, Ticket AI, and Agent-Assist for ServiceNow


AiseraGPT for ServiceNow Virtual Agent

Aisera’s AI Copilot solution brings true automation and employee satisfaction to work environments with ServiceNow ITSM chatbot integration. By providing Conversational AI, RPA, and Ticket AI, Aisera’s solution drives workplace productivity with robust self-service resolutions. Aisera’s Ticket AI autonomously classifies, routes, and resolves tickets to improve employee experience and drastically reduce agent workload. Aisera also natively integrates incidents, requests, changes, service catalogs, knowledge base, service portal, alerts, and CMDB to deliver value on Day One.

Solution Brief

How It Works

Aisera leverages knowledge base, tickets, live chat, service catalog, CMDB, alerts, and incidents on ServiceNow to auto-resolve incoming support requests from users and auto-classify cases with intelligent automation, supporting service agents and creating exceptional self-service resolutions for customers.


Aisera’s proprietary supervised and unsupervised NLP, NLU, and NLG drive automated, multi-turn conversational experiences for users.

Leverage workflow automation with access to 1200+ out-of-the-box workflows using Aisera’s AI-native Conversational Automation.

Auto-classify, route, and resolve tickets as well as recommend next-best actions with Agent-Assist across multiple channels for ServiceNow Agents.

Automatically leverage ServiceNow service catalogs with Aisera’s built-in visual studio integrated with ServiceNow.

Perform and streamline seamless transfers and escalations to human agents using live chat or automated ticket creation.

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Featured Case Study

See how Zoom uses Aisera’s AI Service Desk solution on ServiceNow to automate ticket resolution, identify knowledge gaps, and deliver instant self-service resolutions for support requests, driving improved employee efficiency and satisfaction.

Case Study

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