Aisera Takes a bow as one of the 14 coolest exhibitors at Dreamforce

For Aisera and thousands of potential customers, Dreamforce has been a springboard to connect with AI and ML momentum and share rapidly expanding capabilities. We’re celebrating the benefits and innovation that recently catalyzed $90 million in recognition for Aisera from the financial industry.

Dreamforce at a Glance

If you attended Dreamforce, refresh your recollection with these images, videos, events and milestones. If you attended in spirit, take a moment to connect with this overview of our nonstop activities. After a pandemic-enforced hiatus, Dreamforce has come roaring back with pent-up energy and momentum of fresh ideas, energy and enthusiasm.

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Aisera standing tall on the 101

Aisera takes a bow as one of the 14 coolest exhibitors

Aisera joined Salesforce’s premier list of hyper-growth companies that represent the future direction of AI and enterprise automation. Creativity, innovation, and a bold growth path caught attention and inspired this salute following Aisera’s standout $90 million Series D funding round, and was recognized by CRN as one of the 14 coolest exhibitors at Dreamforce.

Aisera’s AI service desk turbocharges incident handling, service requests and changes across IT, human resources, cybersecurity and operations teams using Salesforce Service Cloud. Read how Aisera automates and accelerates the efficiency of the IT Service Desk, enables self-service incident resolution, boosts operational performance and dramatically improves the customer and employee experience.

Aisera recognized as a Standout Startup at Dreamforce

Aisera and Salesforce Service Cloud are a natural fit for delivering a revolutionary concept in AI service experience. Aisera’s next-gen IT Service Desk now enables Salesforce Service Cloud to deliver a modernized ticketing solution that optimizes how IT services handle incidents, service requests, problems, and changes for IT, HR, Cybersecurity, and Operations Teams.

Aisera Solutions Available on Salesforce AppExchange

Aisera’s transformation of the service desk includes easy deployment—plus proactive, personalized, and predictive solutions that consolidate and streamline all IT services. By providing real-time advanced and complex analytics, KPIs, and dashboards, Aisera enables unprecedentedly deep and detailed insights, along with increased overall productivity and effectiveness. Aisera’s proprietary Ticket AI leverages predictive intelligence and agent assist to dramatically increase efficiency by auto-resolving tickets and providing agents with the next-best actions.

Aisera’s Ticket AI offers predictive intelligence by automatically resolving or assisting agents in ticket resolution. To do this, Ticket AI uses historical ticket analysis and next-best actions to assign and route tickets to the right agents. Implementing Aisera’s Ticket AI solution improves employee productivity by 60% while continuing to reduce costs.

Aisera’s AI Service Experience solutions provide a next-gen IT Service Desk by fully supporting incident management, problem management, change, and release management, and request management to create enterprise-wide optimal and efficient workflows for users. Aisera’s AI Service Experience solutions boost service desk availability by 45-60%.

Inspiration from Aisera’s Co-Founder and Leader

Visionary entrepreneur Muddu Sudhakar shares exclusive insights here, on the Salesforce blog, ‘Impact of Automation‘: “So You’ve Automated Everything—What’s Left For Your Employees?”

“People are not enjoying work right now,” observes Muddu. “About 20-30% of work is highly mundane. No human should be doing that. Eliminating mundane tasks will give people a dedicated block of time where they can focus and not lose their train of thought with interruptions.”

He pointed up how “…driverless cars are taking away multitasking and …literally saving lives. AI will be the same as the driverless car for people. It will drive and save mental health.” Read Muddu’s vision as to how the nature of work will change to become more challenging, even as burnout decreases. “People have to know that they are contributing, making a difference, doing a good job.”

Connect with the Dreamforce Experience

Whether you attended Dreamforce in person or in spirit, you can return to the experience and absorb the enthusiasm of your colleagues and the other companies reconnecting with this epic event.

Time for Fun as Aisera and Simpplr celebrate partnership

Aisera colleagues took a happy hour break with a serious purpose—to learn how professionals are building amazing user experiences and where the future of work is heading! After a big day 1 of Dreamforce, Aisera partnered with Simpplr to celebrate its partnership to bring together data leaders and tech leaders in the industry.

Salesforce Features: Snowflake’s 32k saved agent hours proved Aisera’s value

“What impressed us was Aisera’s unsupervised learning capabilities. Also, we think about intent recognition as a foundational capability for support, and Aisera had the best intent recognition entity we could find.” Bjorn Jonsson, Technical Program Manager, Snowflake.

One leading cloud-based organization that was facing a flurry of customer tickets needed a solution to scale and manage its knowledge base.

Environment: Snowflake heavily relies on Salesforce for its ticketing, knowledge base, and service catalog.

Solution: Customer Experience and Ticket AI

Use Case: Agent Assist and Intelligent Customer Support

Aisera’s collaboration with Snowflake established once and for all the potential of AI for transforming the Service Desk—saving cost and time at a level not imagined before.

Snowflake’s ticketing system processes a volume of more than 11,000 tickets per month, with a total ticket volume of 114,000 tickets a year. Their team of 175 service agents quickly became overwhelmed with such large ticket volumes, resulting in lengthy wait times to receive assistance as well as decreased customer satisfaction.

Seeking to improve Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR), case deflection rate, and overall support team efficiency, Snowflake consulted Aisera. By reducing ticket volumes and improving their support team’s efficiency, they would be able to improve the overall customer experience.

With Aisera’s integration with Salesforce, Snowflake realized a 63 percent reduction in MTTR, and 90% average prediction accuracy—saving 32,000 agent hours. Aisera’s agent assist capabilities have helped Snowflake scale its service operations and the impact of the support team overall, achieve an exceptional user experience and reduce support costs substantially.

LinkedIn captures “the blast” of energy and momentum with the Aisera team at Dreamforce

Dreamforce was the event for gaining a hands-on opportunity to watch the future of AI in real time and level up your ITSM strategy. Aisera’s Booth #1636 became the go-to destination to find out about how #AI solutions can auto-resolve up to 80% of user requests, reduce MTTR by 90% and reduce costs by 90%.

In case you missed the event, see how Aisera’s AI and Automation solutions can integrate seamlessly with your current Customer Support and Help Desk ecosystem. Book a personalized demo with one of our experts today.