How Carta Saves Over $1M with Self-Service Automation at Scale

How Carta Saves Over $1M with Self-Service Automation at Scale

AI is limited only by human imagination and can actually do a lot! AI makes workflows efficient, reduces costs and delivers supercharged customer & user experiences.

To support digital transformation at businesses and propel them towards exponential growth, companies need service automation solutions that are responsive and easy to use. AI-powered service automation tools bring an end to repetitive tasks and saves operational costs, time for service delivery and effort to resolve service requests. Finding solutions with AI offers numerous benefits and showcases features like:

  • No disruption to underlying systems
  • Minimal start-up investments required
  • Faster time to value on investment
  • Scalable and ready for enterprises to improve customer satisfaction (CSAT)

If you talk to a person it will take you 20 minutes to get a solution but the chatbot takes 2 minutes to get answers. Competition is rampant from companies providing AI-powered self-service automation solutions and this raises the stakes for everyone else.

AICX is key to scale

People use services from these top companies and AI leverages assets and capabilities to get ahead in providing uninterrupted self-service support.

The Gamechangers in the equation are data, AI and great customer experiences!

85% CX professionals recognize the importance of AI and automation and 79% plan on increasing their investments in better technologies to discover better business solutions.

Well established brands like Carta are a step ahead because they took a bet and invested in AI & automation to provide seamless customer experiences. Customers today require uninterrupted conversations which will offer them resolutions and won’t be pulled into a different communication channel.

Efficiency in Daily Operations with Process Automation

Self-service AI systems assist numerous industries in addressing their specific operational issues in new and powerful ways. AI chatbots are the fastest-growing enterprise software that remarkably boosts revenue.

Short-term returns should be calculated but you also need to view automation through a wider lens. Think about what changes are evolving in your industry, and how you are building value for your customers.


AI is on everyone’s radar. Harvard teamed up with Boston College and carried out an extensive study of over 100 leading global companies and concluded that using data and personalization drives long-term growth.

The results showed a 6-10% increase in revenue and personalization drove 40-100% of business coverage. Real-time experiences like self-service count in adding personalization and when done right it’s really the best solution.

AI has the power to disrupt long-time legacy companies while giving new companies a chance to cause a stir in the market, so it’s necessary for all decision-makers to rethink their strategies, take bold chances and use AI to pave the way into the future! Aisera offers AI-driven service experience solutions that automate operations and offers support for IT, sales, and customer service.

Leaders of functional areas find that automated systems improve many processes that assist in yielding higher capacity resolutions, faster output, and minimal errors in crucial processes. Modern AI & automation technology like Aisera offers scalable and enterprise-ready platforms.

A survey by McKinsey showcased that 63% of companies that participated were able to increase their revenue by implementing AI solutions. With predictive analytics and pattern recognition capabilities, AI propels efficiency and increases ROI for any enterprise.

Leveraging AI for Automated Self-Service Provides Actionable Insights

AI solutions have proven their consistent efficiency and are hallmarked for being less error-prone. Weak customer service costs US-based enterprises $1.6 trillion annually in losses. By simplifying remedial tasks using AI, you will notice reduced attrition rate and training time and costs reduced by nearly 40%.

The benefits of self-service automation with AI revolves around intelligent virtual assistants (AI Chatbots). Agents remain a critical part of the customer service equation, but you won’t need a whole team at your disposal when businesses leverage the intelligence of AI, NLP & ML effectively. Leveraging AI also generates resolution insights that can be fed back into workflow automation to further improve your self-serve capabilities.

These actionable insights are able to drive impactful business outcomes when used for process improvement across verticals like customer support, customer service, sales and marketing.

Accenture research shows that data foundation is a critical success factor for scaling AI and data needs to be cleaned and structured correctly. Analyzing data allows problems to be fixed quickly and makes the workflow more efficient.

Aisera Helps Carta Save $1M With Self-Service Automation at Scale

Carta needed to quickly scale customer service while improving its CSAT. With data scattered across its landscape, Carta lacked a complete view of how to respond to service trends. As a financial services company, PII compliance including data anonymization, redaction, and encryption were key requirements for any solution.

Carta has a complex range of services including scaling or managing companies in the private market. They offer valuations of companies, tax advisory services, information about growing companies, data about equity and ownership and tender offers to buy and sell equity.

Carta's Business

For such a complex diversity of stakeholders in their industry, they had to get the taxonomy language of the AI right on the money and that’s where Aisera fit the bill perfectly. Aisera’s Conversational AI provided fast, accurate, and around-the-clock auto-resolutions to deliver better self-service experiences for its customers.

Carta's Challenges

Self-service infrastructure is important because with over 2.1 million customers in Carta’s database, they needed a support system which integrated seamless experiences between customers and support teams.

When Carta started using Aisera’s technology they were impressed with the numbers they saw. The AI takes time to tune, but right off the bat there was a self-service rate of 46% in the first month which went all the way up to 74% self-service rate in the coming months.

That’s about 20,000 cases deflected every month.

In-content help is very important. Quick access to solutions, answers, troubleshooting workflows. The need of the hour is to help customers self-diagnose and resolve their own problems by providing them with accurate information within the industry’s framework. Mapping out the contextual help paid huge dividends and it was what propelled them further. There’s always things that can be improved and now Carta is working on improving the content and deeper optimization based on persona types.

Even if your industry is centered around a niche product/service, implementing AI systems is the solution that companies need to use to cut costs and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Aisera has been able to help Carta achieve –

  • 74% Auto-Resolution Rate with Conversational AI
  • 95% CSAT with built-in analytics & finance-specific ontology
  • $1M Cost Savings for customer service & support

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about how your business can profit by leveraging Aisera’s unique business solutions to scale customer experience, and boost cost savings with AI & automation.

Carta On-Demand Webinar

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how conversational AI improves self-service and enables customers to resolve their issues.
  • Hear from Carta how investing in self-service at scale led to huge cost savings of over $1M and achieve unprecedented 74% in auto-resolution rates and 95% CSAT.
  • Insights and ideas on how your business can save costs and show results with AI & automation solutions to improve self-service & CX at your organization.

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