Customer Intelligence: Improve UX & CSAT

Customers and customer intelligence are the key to the success of any business, but a significant challenge for any established business remains: retaining existing customers and acquiring new customers.

One of the many ways to acquire new customers, reduce churn rate, and increase customer retention is by improving the Customer Experience (CX). In this article, you will learn how implementing customer intelligence can enhance CX and boost customer satisfaction.

As the industrial space grows increasingly competitive, CX is one of the most significant assets for building and maintaining a successful brand. In fact, studies have shown that almost 96% of customers across the globe believe that customer service is a significant factor contributing to their loyalty to a given brand. Furthermore, a strong and positive brand reputation lays a foundation of trust in new prospective customers and positively influences their purchasing behavior.

Optimization and Personalization with AI-Driven Customer Insights

As businesses around the globe transform themselves by placing their customers at the center of everything they do – customer-centric CX – Aisera’s Virtual Assistant has emerged as a powerful technology that is not only capable of managing daily customer interactions but gathering and taking actions on critical customer insights and customer intelligence as well. By following existing customers and new prospects throughout their CX journey — product investigation, onboarding, usage and adoption, and renewal – Aisera’s Virtual Assistant collects, processes, optimizes and personalizes its interactions in real-time to tailor the specific needs and interests of their customers. The benefits to the business are remarkable as many virtual assistants have now proven to deliver positive and engaging experiences by effectively solving customer problems through their preferred channels; they are also capable of humanizing their interactions by adapting their “human-like” language and sentence tones based on perceived customer moods; and all in all by ensuring efficiency, convenience, and accuracy.

Let’s take the example of a new prospective customer browsing a company website searching for product and service information (CX product investigation stage). Aisera’s Virtual Assistant can proactively engage with the new prospect by leveraging existing knowledge about this sort of browsing behavior. The Virtual Assistant can help the prospect find the answers they are looking for in a handful of seconds, eliminating confusion and browsing fatigue. They can guide the customer’s interest towards the correct product by emphasizing the features that are most relevant to the customer’s needs at the right time and reconciled with the customer’s final decision. They can even offer special promotions and pricing discounts to maximize the likelihood of a purchase, license renewal, or product expansion.

Beyond Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition

Because it is very common for users to abandon their transactions during the checkout process – 69% of lost sales opportunities are related to Cart abandonment – advanced AI Virtual Assistants, like Aisera, can leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate end-to-end tasks and processes across a myriad of different backend systems like account creation and management, payment method verification and processing, license activation and renewal and much more. For more complex transactions that require a sales representative’s attention, Aisera Virtual Assistants can translate the newly acquired customer insights and customer intelligence into sales leads for subsequent follow-up – sales lead generation — or transition the interaction to the correct sales representative – sales agent handover. To keep delivering relevant messages at the right time, Aisera’s virtual assistant continually analyses and re-evaluates its customer engagements and actions so that it becomes smarter, more efficient, and more accurate as time goes by.

But Aisera’s Virtual Assistant extends far beyond lead generation and customer acquisition. They stay close to the customers at every stage of the CX journey, from onboarding, through usage and adoption, to renewal and expansion. By monitoring customer behaviors in real-time, the Virtual Assistant can precisely pinpoint possible pain points or roadblocks and proactively engage the customer with tailored notifications to smoothly address their daily issues. This includes serving relevant knowledge articles, custom-made accelerators, product education, and e-learning resources, and if or when needed, the Virtual Assistant will take the wheel and automate the execution of processes surrounding troubleshooting, billing, and account administration.

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Opinion Examination Analytics and Derivation of Customer Sentiment

By applying opinion examination analytics on live and historical conversations, the Aisera Virtual Assistant can derive the customer’s sentiment and infer their overall perceived value of the company’s products and services, assessing what the customer likes and dislikes and even predicting the likelihood of future churn. By tapping into this vast customer knowledge, the Virtual Assistants can then execute bespoke retention strategies.

The personalization of product recommendations and retention strategies represents a major departure from previous methodologies. Companies would group customers primarily based on industry segments, company size, and psycho-demographic data. Aisera’s Virtual Assistant enables personalization at an entirely different level using advanced customer behavior analytics. The Virtual Assistant collects and analyzes product telemetry in real-time and generates individualized customer recommendations for products, features, configurations, and updates or upgrades based on the actual product and service usage and customer operational risk.

Similarly, the Virtual Assistant monitors, compares, and contrasts product usage against subscription cost to constantly optimize the customer’s perceived ROI. When perceived ROI is below a specified threshold, the Virtual Assistant can take corrective actions by proactively executing retention strategies like offering special product promotions and discounts, or more friendly payment plans.

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Key Insight Aggregation for Better CSAT Scores

When aggregating insights acquired across the entire customer base, the Aisera Virtual Assistant can deliver accurate customer service metrics including Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) which can be used by companies as a key performance indicator for the customer-perceived quality of service.

In the past, CSAT metrics were typically computed using data from online surveys or averaging customer feedback in the form of a rating star on a webpage – also known as explicit CSAT. Because neither method is typically based on extensive customer polls, nor are they effective in capturing the actual voice and sentiment of the customer, traditional CSAT metrics inherit a statistical problem also known as correlation does not necessarily imply causality.

For the very first time, Aisera’s Virtual Assistants are giving companies reliable CSAT metrics which are derived by compounding explicit customer feedback with implicitly derived customer intelligence insights. AI Virtual Assistants acquire and analyze customer data continuously and in real-time.

They tap into customer return and churn rate, volume and rate of open service tickets, time-to-resolve issues, sentiment extracted from customer conversations and trails left in technical forums and communities, and payment information, and are capable of generating customer-centric CSAT metrics which can finally be used for customer acquisition and retention strategies. As you can see, customer intelligence plays a key role here.

Aisera offers the most feature-comprehensive and technologically advanced self-service automation solution on the market, which blends AI Virtual Assistant technology, Conversational AI (cognitive search), and Conversational RPA into one SaaS cloud offering for IT Service Desks and Customer Service organizations.