Conversational AI ROI For Enterprises

Implementing Conversational AI to enhance ROI for enterprises is a top priority worldwide. This includes applications in sectors such as conversational AI in insurance, banking, healthcare, retail, and more. It offers the potential to reduce costs, ensure seamless communication, and drive customer acquisition.

The results to prove ROI is gathered based on market trend estimates, in-house data, and the value proposition enterprises will generate by incorporating conversational Artificial Intelligence into their digital ecosystem.

As new processes and workflows are being established to run daily business operations, both employees and customers require additional support systems as a line of defense. Whether it’s resetting a password or accessing the right information from the software, the forefront need is for quick resolutions to keep end users productive and happy.

Whether your venture is new, in the mid-growth phase, or your business needs an exit strategy, you can build the power of your brand by partnering with a reputable artificial intelligence organization.

By 2022, 70% of white-collar workers will interact with conversational platforms on a daily basis


Conversational AI ROI Metrics

Machines are able to process information more quickly and efficiently than humans, and AI tools are programmed so dynamically that they can even predict the reason for customer calls which reduces the customer’s effort of detailed explanations. This is the real proof of AI-powered customer service, that it is able to predictively analyze large amounts of data in a split second, and chart the best course of action based on those insights across various kinds of interactions and high volume of requests.

Automating processes improve quality, reduces manual errors and eventually brings about a quick potential ROI by employee time savings. A goal-focused strategy assists with the successful implementation of AI and automation and some key factors for improving ROI include:

  • Understanding areas to unify all systems with AI in an organization
  • Identify low, medium and high priorities
  • Monitoring, maintenance and support
  • Promoting a data-driven approach as business grows

A common feature to assessing ROI of AI is that they usually are heavily customized to test, train and refine the AI model that will shape the outcome of the ROI equation.
These are some effective guidelines your organization needs to keep in mind when prospecting your Chatbot ROI from the AI investment. To check your AI ROI, Aisera has made it easy for you to calculate your return using these estimation tools.

Conversational AI often supersedes the expected returns, which is what makes it so appealing to shift toward it. By 2023, Juniper Research, a British research house, predicts that AI chatbots will save core industries $11 billion annually.

Choosing a Reliable AI-Solutions Provider

Each business is unique. Some need automated product suggestions or interactive customer experiences, while others, like those requiring Conversational AI in Banking, might need to adhere to regulations. It’s vital to select a provider offering robust data security tailored to your needs.

Conversational AI technologies have numerous offerings but depending on the trajectory of your business these are some top of the line features you need to look out for to give you the best ROI. Search for a conversational AI solution that uses an enterprise multi-tenant platform that allows 1000’s of bots to be deployed at the same time.

By implementing Aisera’s AI Customer Service solution, McAfee was able to provide an autonomous, multi-threaded dialog with customers by leveraging knowledge articles. The natural language understanding made context-based responses a very powerful differentiator. McAfee achieved a 74% auto-resolution rate with self-service and a 75% increase in agent productivity while achieving an unprecedented 95% CSAT.

AI has a positive impact on your customers and shows that you invest in your product because you believe in your company’s vision and are serious about your brand equity for the long haul. Speak with our AI solution experts, who will be by your side and assure that you are supported by a trusted partner in your digital transformation journey.

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