Automating Customer Experience the Easy Way

With the right Customer Service (CS) solution you can breathe easy and turn your resources to digital transformation and other important initiatives with confidence. Satisfied customers are absolutely pivotal to business success; that’s why you need CS that builds solid, consistent customer relationships.

That demands the ability to answer customer questions and address issues quickly without employing an army of support reps. Automating customer experience (CX) is the backbone of the right CS solution. By automating customer experience, businesses can leverage the ability of new AI technology to deliver a positive CX—at a fraction of the outlay for yesterday’s model.

automating customer experience

Customers today expect instantaneous, personalized service across the omnichannel—using the device and means they choose. These “Alexa-like” expectations have changed the entire concept of human-driven customer service. Old-style customer service never included for self-service, personalization, or instant resolution. It depended instead on case management and human agent participation. But now, Gartner predicts that by 2021, 15 percent of customer service interactions will be handled completely by artificial intelligence.

Enter Conversational AI and Self-Service

Any lingering debate over the value of automating customer experience with AI in Customer Service was put to rest by Conversational AI, Machine Learning, NLU Search, Unsupervised NLP, Conversational RPA, and Knowledge Management. We are living in a new universe of self-service and auto-resolution that grows more robust, ingenious, and insightful by the hour, handling (and not merely deflecting) customer support issues with a highly engaging human-like dialog experience.

The smart way to automate, scale, and deploy is out-of-the-box

Customer-centric agility now lets an organization grow, compete and save costs while addressing customer needs. But those considering the leap into customer service automation need the proper platform to build on—a partner capable of automating customer experience with AI Service Management (AISM) across the enterprise.

Traditional, scripted chatbots are only as good as their knowledge base, and more often than not knowledge bases are not structured or organized. Each department often ends up authoring its own knowledge articles, resulting in inconsistencies and repetitive information. These anachronisms make it difficult for customers to find the resolution they need, so they end up switching to a live channel.

Why waste time collecting documents, information, and knowledge? A good, pure-play solution can leverage unsupervised AI that not only self-learns without training, but does it accurately, reliably, and efficiently.

Out-of-the-box Customer Service simplicity is within reach

Building and deploying Customer Service chatbot technology can lead down an astonishingly costly path in terms of tool kits, tiger teams, and so forth.

For example:

To harness the power of Conversational AI in banking, Bank of America developed its own virtual assistant, Erica, at an estimated cost of $30 million. This endeavor required the labor, training, and maintenance of a large team.

Now, there’s no need to even consider building your own bespoke AI chatbot. Aisera offers an out-of-the-box, all-in-one conversational platform deployable on Day One. The platform spans not only Customer Service but IT, HR, Facilities, Sales, and Operations. It incorporates its own prebuilt Service Catalog with over 1200 pre-trained workflows to automate repetitive tasks and actions. The ability of Ticket AI to automatically classify incoming tickets completes the seamless architecture of an agile new Service Desk concept that collaborates and streamlines workflows, raises agent productivity, and saves time. If a human is needed for a more complex issue, Aisera handles the escalation quickly, minimizing customer frustration.

How it’s done: CX Automation with Unsupervised AI and a Virtual Assistant

Automating CX requires more than just a Conversational AI solution. Aisera’s Virtual Assistant uses Unsupervised AI with a vast global taxonomy for understanding multilanguage utterances—more than 5 billion intents—and over a trillion phrases! The solution recognizes and understands the intent behind a user’s query regardless of how the question is worded, allowing them to generate immediate, relevant responses. With these rich resources, an organization easily delivers a personalized experience across the omnichannel, enabling self-service resolution for employees and customers alike.

Customers delight in their freedom to interact naturally with Conversational AI agents, trusting the accuracy of responses, enjoying a smooth, personalized, and worry-free experience. These positive interactions drive higher customer satisfaction levels, empowering them to return for future interactions.

Aisera not only offers customers a thousand ways to make everyday requests like subscription renewal but also helps auto-triage and recommend issue resolutions, drastically improving agent productivity. There’s no need for agents to author knowledge articles or manually transfer data from one system to another. Instead, Aisera uses its unsupervised Cognitive AI to seamlessly integrate with existing knowledge repositories.

By quickly ingesting historical data from existing enterprise information—and from external sources if needed—Aisera eliminates the need for training, prep-work, and data cleansing, resolving issues near instantaneously. (Fresh, externally acquired information also enters and enriches the internal knowledge base.)

Aisera continuously self-learns in real-time by processing data and accumulating knowledge from every interaction, with no need for constant updates or human intervention. This self-learning capability lets service agents stay focused on issues of higher value to the company.

Aisera KPIs: The big story is on the bottom line

Repetitive tasks cost money; the wise route is AI-fueled self-service. Auto-resolution reduces support costs, propels employee productivity and morale, builds customer loyalty, and grows the organization. Rely on measurable analytics like CSAT to optimize your customer service metrics and deliver better customer experiences.

Aisera delivers results in the following ways

  • 65-80% auto-resolution rates on Day 1  
  • 85% improved experience (CSAT)  
  • 90% reduced service desk costs  
  • 30-50 seconds average time to auto-resolve issues
  • 75% user adoption and engagement after deployment

Lastly—before saying yes to AI, memorize The Five No’s

  1. No historical data should be needed. Any vendor requiring historical data for the AI to train from is the wrong vendor. 
  2. No experts needed. The right AI solution should run on its own, right out of the box; you don’t need to hire or allocate talent to the project.  
  3. No AI training should be required. A truly intelligent solution learns on its own.
  4. No professional services needed. AI should deploy and run easily by itself. If a vendor wants you to purchase professional services alongside the AI solution, that’s a red flag. 
  5. No prep work required. Vendors asking you to clean, organize, sift through, or standardize your data are not offering true intelligence. The right AI solution works right from the get-go.

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