The Forrester Wave™ Recognizes Aisera’s leadership in chatbots for IT Operations

Forrester report: Best chatbot for IT

Streamline tasks and actions for all IT service conversations

In today’s technology marketplace, the Forrester Wave is a trusted guide to purchasing options. Forrester’s latest published report places Aisera in the highest category of leader, after a deep examination and analysis of our product based upon 33 stringent criteria.

In this competition, the Forrester Wave Methodology winnows down competitors to 11 finalists, who are then divided into Leaders, Strong Performers, and Contenders. Each competitor offers a chatbot or virtual assistant that handles multiple common IT operations workflows including language optimization and integrations.

The report states: “Aisera is a good fit for organizations looking to pursue customizable but OOTB virtual agents….. Aisera’s current platform strengths revolve around analytics, automation functionality, and time to deploy.

– The Forrester Wave™: Chatbots for IT Operations

Aisera’s advanced chat capabilities

Today, a robust field of customers is using Aisera’s solution for IT operations. Forrester’s analysis found that we excel in the strength of our offering, including sophisticated chatbot language and learning capabilities, chatbot readiness, bot management, and performance optimization. We also gained a nod for our Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), as well as our strong English language support. Forrester noted that our product vision, market approach, partner ecosystem, and commercial model met leadership standards, while our growing market presence qualified us to generate at least $15 million in category revenue.

We at Aisera are proud that our solution met Forrester’s highest standards for supporting users in automating key tasks and actions and gaining greater self-service.

Improve the User Experience, Save Time, and Propel IT OPS productivity

Aisera’s vision reflects easy-to-adopt, customizable virtual agents with a variety of AI products, including its AI service desk, AI customer service, and artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) tools. which have been recognized as a leader in AIOps observability by the Forrester Wave AIOps report.

We’ve built our reputation for quickly accommodating customer needs in the platform, focusing on improving employee communications, enhancing agent automation, and expanding domain coverage. Current platform strengths revolve around analytics, automation functionality, and time to deploy.

Our vision is to help users with greater self-service by automating common-to-complex actions and tasks.

Quick, Convenient OOTB Assets

Aisera customers have noted the low time commitments we require, with our trained, out-of-the-box (OOTB) assets, including language models, workflows, and integrations. Customers also recognized our flexibility and dedication to helping them achieve conversational AI.

In announcing the winners, Forrester acknowledged the challenge of “getting chatbots right.” Today’s AI chatbots for IT operations now offer new features to accelerate usage and make adoption feasible for a variety of organizations, including those with fewer resources. The rising popularity of chatbots is underscored by the 60% of the employee majority preferring self-service for such functions as resetting passwords and app provisioning.

Reducing the Work of Adoption

Aisera has focused on making adoption easier with OOTB modules like language models, workflows, and integrations. This significantly reduces labor and raises the business value of solutions. Forrester highlighted Aisera’s record of customer satisfaction and ROI, providing opportunities to demonstrate our business impact and identify future opportunities for growth.

Gain an exceptional IT Operations Experience

Here at Aisera, our goal is to deliver you an amazing experience, fueled by our passion to change the day in the life of your employees and customers. The honor of Forrester’s acknowledgment reflects how we are helping customers achieve greater self-service by automating common-to-complex actions and tasks. We’re proud of enabling users to focus on high-value work, while those requesting help can resolve their issues with self-service. We thank Forrester again for acknowledging our vision and commitment over the years.

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