Reimagining Customer Experiences with AI & Automation

AI and machine learning fields are evolving rapidly, and the proactive companies that have caught wind of these changes utilize these modern tools to fuel their business goals.

Everyday data engineers discover ingenious ways to leverage this powerful technology to supplement daily customer interactions.

Aisera’s experience with Fortune 1000 clients suggests that those who adopt an AI-backed end-to-end approach to process improvement are wildly successful. By making this colossal shift, they reap the benefits of what AI has to offer and pave the way to see their bold visions come to life.

Accenture’s report states that AI will increase corporate profitability an average of +38% by 2035. Automating your customer service experience is a great way to get ahead.

Solutions with a Sustainable Impact on Business - Understanding the User

AI systems gather a plethora of customer feedback and experience of using the product with its always-learning machine learning, NLU & NLP algorithms. For example, customer support teams store and retrieve valuable customer data for providing excellent customer service; while field reps gather competitive data and insights, which help the AI to predict how customers feel at various stages of the customer journey map and provide assistance to improve customer experiences on an ongoing basis.

To gain valuable insights from agent performance and offer better coaching programs, the AI focuses on –

  • Phrase Monitoring
  • Tone
  • Compliance
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Dead Air
  • Average Handle Time (AHT)
  • Overall Quality

The AI live chat detects what is said and how it is said in real-time. It then transcribes reports and analyzes sentiment to score agents on their customer service.

The supervisors can now see the leaderboards and coaching reports which highlight the positive and negative statements used, and monitor the increase in compliance dialogues which helps decrease call evaluation time.

The impact of using an AI-powered customer experience platform can increase customer engagement by 42% on calls, scale support requests handled and increase agent productivity to have a positive impact on the bottom line of your business. By using such insights, businesses are now able to build a data-driven and top-notch customer experience strategy for their product or service at scale.

Digital Supremacy Provides 24/7 Support Systems

Long waiting periods or late responses can be interpreted as negligence on a company’s side, but AI has found the answers to this. Using customer-facing AI-powered customer experience software helps businesses deliver instant answers at no additional costs.

Deploying an AI chatbot along with other communication channels can help deliver instant assistance to the FAQ’s requested by customers. Aisera’s CX platform has helped companies like Zoom and McAfee to supercharge their CX strategy for their large customer base.

By leveraging AI for automating workflows, enterprises can build cost-effective and time-saving processes which assist in daily operations by –

  • Digitizing value chains
  • Building smooth advisor/client journeys
  • Driving efficiency via automation in the back office
  • Scaling internal processes to meet evolving client requirements

Customer Engagement & Target Marketing

Big companies use AI and ML to craft excellent experiences for their customers. Spotify provides personal recommendations according to preference and that has revealed a spike in regular weekly engagement. Airbnb’s algorithm matches hosts to customers to improve customer satisfaction.

The AI keeps customers engaged, makes targeted product recommendations, and also improves in-app search functionality.

More and more leaders are not willing to rely on guts, ideas and intuition anymore and AI enables businesses to make informed decisions. High growth industries have made a deliberate effort to pivot towards AI and automation to automate the mundane tasks, so that employees can be more focused on delivering the best customer experience without feeling bogged down with a barrage of support tickets that could be handled by AI virtual assistants.

Aisera’s AI-driven Impact on Dave - The Fastest Growing Neo Banking Solution

After implementation of Aisera’s AI customer service solution, Dave quickly became able to provide users an on-demand, personalized 24/7 support option they could access anytime. Dave saw its impact from day one.

The company realized a full 70 percent auto-resolution rate, along with a 50 percent increase in agent productivity. Because the system continuously learns and improves, Dave expects that number to go even higher!

First-call response rates and response times also dramatically improved. Even when users made errors, such as misspelling words, NLP was able to understand the meaning and context and provide satisfactory answers without delay. Aisera empowered Dave to manage high ticket volume requests through speedy automated ticket creation, helping agents improve SLAs, productivity, and mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR).

Request a Generative AI demo today with Aisera to learn how you too could supercharge your CX strategy with AI and automation. Also, check out our e-book on how to reimagine CX with AI & automation.

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