Aisera Collaborates with Microsoft to Provide AI Enterprise Service Experiences with ChatGPT and Generative AI

Aisera’s Generative AI Service Experience Platform empowers users and organizations to enable self-service and reduce costs

PALO ALTO, Calif. May 3 2023 – Aisera, a leading provider of Generative AI solutions for organizations, providing innovative service experiences for employees (EX), customers (CX), and Operations (OX), is partnering with Microsoft to deliver an AI copilot for enterprise service experiences. The announcement is the extension of Aisera’s collaboration with Microsoft, having integrated the latest ChatGPT and generative AI capabilities from the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service into Aisera’s AI Service Experience Platform (AISX).

Enterprises can now benefit from Aisera’s verticalized domain-specific large language models (LLMs), generative AI, unsupervised AI, AI workflows, and orchestration bot engine to save costs, improve user productivity, and boost revenue.

Both customers and users expect better service experiences, user behavior-driven personalization, and smoother service interactions. At the same time, enterprises are challenged to deliver the execution of tasks, processes, and better SLAs with increasingly limited resources and reduced budgets. Together, Aisera and Microsoft will enable enterprises to take advantage of AI copilot capabilities to improve self-service, productivity, and proactive user engagement while decreasing resolution times and enhancing personalization.

“The AI race is on and we’re leveraging our long-standing relationship with Microsoft – a company at the helm of AI and cloud innovation – to enhance Aisera’s domain-specific generative AI service experience solutions,” said Muddu Sudhakar, CEO and co-founder, Aisera. “Together with Microsoft, we are delivering the most advanced customer services, employee services, operations services, and contact center services in the industry.”

“Aisera is helping to bring the capabilities of Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service, including ChatGPT, to critically important enterprise functions,” said Eric Boyd, Corporate Vice President, Azure AI Platform, Microsoft.

“Aisera and Microsoft are two organizations committed to creating solutions that are scalable, easy to deploy, and designed to deliver revolutionary end-to-end experiences. By working together, we can ensure more enterprises leverage the power of generative AI to reduce operating costs, modernize business models, and grow revenue opportunities.”

To manage the constant influx of user inquiries and requests, Aisera provides a re-imagined user experience through its user-behavioral conversational dialogue engine to deliver human-like interactions with the speed of automation. With out-of-the-box Enterprise Domain Packs (EDPs), a global taxonomy and ontology library, and industry-specific LLMs, its AI bots are optimized for organizations that need a short time for deployment.

Aisera also offers a built-in AI workflow orchestration engine that triggers automated processes through its integration with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Azure Active Directory resulting in resolution rates of 75% or greater for customers.

Aisera integrates Azure OpenAI Service with its own proprietary verticalized and domain-specific LLMs. With more than 100 million global users, Aisera offers an AI copilot with its proactive, personalized, and predictive AI Service Experience Platform, incorporating AI Service Desk, AI Customer Service, AIOps, and AI Contact Center for B2B and B2C organizations. Propelled by conversational and generative AI models, the Aisera platform auto-resolves requests, tasks, actions, and workflows for IT, HR, Facilities, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, and Operations.

About Aisera

Aisera is the leading provider of enterprise GPT generative AI solutions. Aisera’s mission is to help large, medium, and small enterprises to transform their business operating model with self-service by significantly reducing operational expenses, boosting revenue growth, and enabling human-like experiences. Aisera customers typically experience 75% or more automation in user requests and an 80% reduction in customer operations costs.

Aisera offers enterprise GPT generative AI solutions for IT, HR, Customer Service, AI Voice Bot, Sales and marketing, and Finance departments. Its enterprise co-pilot supports multimodal user experiences (digital, voice, mobile, API) for AI and automation.

Aisera’s AI Service Experience (AISX) Platform includes verticalized domain-specific LLMs, generative AI, unsupervised AI, knowledge graphs, AI workflows, user-behavioral Conversational Dialog Engine (CDE), and end-to-end security and trust. The AISX platform offers out-of-the-box Enterprise Domain Packs (EDP) and Universal Bot Orchestration (UBO) to provide immediate value and significant ROI to enterprises. Aisera has developed enterprise-wide integrations and workflows with partners that include ServiceNow, Salesforce, Zendesk, Atlassian, Workday, Microsoft, AWS, Google, Adobe, Oracle, SAP, Okta, VMware, Epic, Datadog, Splunk, Cisco, and Zoom.

Aisera is an award-winning, VC-funded startup headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, recognized as a leader in multiple industry analyst reports, including Forrester. For a free enterprise AI and automation assessment of your organization’s effectiveness and to learn how your team can benefit from drastic cost savings with Aisera, please contact or request a demo.

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