ChatGPT & Generative AI for Magical
Customer Experiences

Muddu Sudhakar
CEO & Co-founder
Aneel Jael
Former SVP of Support
at ServiceNow & McAfee
Aisera Intellyx Scott Owen
Scott Owen
VP, Support-Customer
Identity Cloud
Jason “JE” English
Partner & Principal Analyst

ChatGPT and Generative AI for Magical Customer Experiences

Hear from Muddu Sudhakar, CEO of Aisera, Aneel Jael, former SVP of Customer Success at McAfee, Scott Owen, VP of Support – Customer Identity Cloud at Okta, Jason “JE” English, Partner & Principal Analyst at Intellyx and Murali Nemani, CMO of Aisera on applying ChatGPT & Generative AI towards Customer Success and Support.

Key Insights Include:

  • The business drivers that make Generative AI relevant today and its ROI
  • Example use cases of Generative AI and ChatGPT for customer experience
  • The implementation of Generative AI solutions in an enterprise technology stack
  • Satisfying security, privacy, data integrity, and compliance risks


Learn how Generative AI can help your organization to deliver better self-service intelligent systems, delight customers, and reduce support costs.


Muddu Sudhakar, CEO and Co-Founder, Aisera

Aneel Jael, AI Advisor and Former SVP of CX, McAffee

Aisera Intellyx Scott Owen

Scott Owen, VP, Support-Customer Identity Cloud, Okta

Jason “JE” English, Partner & Principal Analyst, Intellyx

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