Conversational AI Saves the Day

We have all had the dream that we could live in a world of automation, like George Jetson, just pushing a button. That dream has been slow to arrive, but now we are seeing the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Assistants. Companies that specialize in automating the mundane, and not so mundane task of people, have finally arrive to help drag us all into the future.

Today, we are excited to welcome Muddu Sudhakar a Founder and CEO of Aisera an Out-of-the box, conversational AI, Service Management product which focuses on bringing automation to the masses. The company was founded in 2017 and has raised about $90 million to date from major venture firms. Muddu is a serial entrepreneur and Investor, and now he is building a company for a rapidly expanding market, and Muddu is here to give us all the details.