ServiceNow and Aisera:
Supercharging Productivity

Offering AI Copilot & AiseraGPT for Enterprise

Delivering Delightful Employee Experiences

The alliance between ServiceNow and Aisera boosts productivity and delivers instant cost savings from day one.

  • Aisera’s AI Service Desk integrates with ServiceNow’s ITSM, ITOM, and HR Service Delivery products to enhance an organization’s chatbot with an actionbot
  • AI Copilot leverages industry and domain-specific LLMs to understand user requests in natural language
  • With AI workflows and ServiceNow Service Catalogs, AiseraGPT automates complex processes and maximizes ticket deflections

Extend Your Bot to Every Domain & Industry in Minutes

Aisera’s Universal Bot is a powerful and versatile solution that seamlessly integrates with ServiceNow’s Virtual Agent, making it a breeze to incorporate new domains or industry bots. With its unified interface, the Universal Bot can efficiently handle any request through a single unified interface providing a seamless and consistent experience for users across all channels – Digital and Voice.

Users can interact with the Universal Bot to ask questions related to IT (ex: Reset Password) or HR (ex: Request Leave) and the bot will route requests appropriately to provide the best response.

Aisera Products Available on ServiceNow

Ticket AI on ServiceNow

Aisera’s Ticket AI auto-resolves tickets by providing in-context recommendations and next-best actions to service agents. Ticket AI predicts classification, assignment, and routing capabilities for requests and tickets. Ticket AI also assists service agents by predicting ticket resolution fields, including category, sub-category, business service, and configuration item.

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