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with Aisera & ServiceNow

Automatically Generate Answers & Complete Tasks with AiseraGPT and AI Copilot

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Generative AI for ServiceNow with AiseraGPT and AI Copilot

Aisera is proud to deliver unparalleled user experiences with ServiceNow using AiseraGPT & AI Copilot. Our collaboration empowers users to achieve more with automatic resolutions to user requests using natural language. Aisera’s solution is complementary and coexists with NowAssist and Virtual Agent. Aisera also features deep integrations with ServiceNow across Service Catalog, Workflows, Ticketing, Knowledge, Search, Forms, Virtual Agent, and ITOM. Together, Aisera and ServiceNow increase user productivity and deliver instant cost savings.

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Save Users Time & Effort with AiseraGPT and ServiceNow

AiseraGPT for ServiceNow empowers users by automating tasks and knowledge retrieval using Generative AI. Aisera’s Universal Bot is built with domain-specific LLMs that are grounded to your data, improving response accuracy and relevancy across HR, Facilities, Engineering, Finance, IT, and more. AiseraGPT leverages ServiceNow service catalogs in addition to 3000+ pre-built AI Workflows to help users complete tasks quickly.

ServiceNow with AiseraGPT

Supercharge your Enterprise with Aisera’s AI Copilot & ServiceNow

Using information from ServiceNow (tickets, knowledge articles, and more), Aisera’s AI Copilot provides users with a companion capable of answering questions, analyzing data to expedite decision-making, executing actions to get work done, and proactively notifying users with recommendations across all domains. The AI Copilot provides intelligent analyses and proactive notifications that help users stay prepared, enabling them to complete tasks more efficiently.

AI Copilot and Generative AI for ServiceNow