AI Customer Service

Delivering exceptional customer experiences with immediate self-service automation and case deflection

AI Customer Service

Aisera’s AI Customer Service works with the tools and systems you already use to deliver an exceptional customer experience through multilingual conversational intelligence and automation. It learns from every touchpoint and automates repetitive inquiries and workflows using Conversational AI and RPA. Helping customers help themselves also empowers agents, who can now focus on issues that require a human touch.

By augmenting human intelligence, AI Customer Service helps your organization nurture and satisfy customers who then purchase more, remain loyal, and tell the world how they value you.

  • Increase CSAT and NPS
  • Reduce service costs with enhanced self-service
  • Improve agent experience

Featured Capabilities

Using advanced technologies including Conversational AI, NLU Search, Unsupervised NLP, Conversational RPA, and Knowledge Management based on FAQs, Aisera’s AI Customer Service solution auto-resolves customer requests instantly to improve customer experience dramatically.

Dynamic Knowledge Base

Connect multiple and disparate knowledge bases across siloed departments to build a knowledge graph to resolve customer requests in a unified manner.

AI Customer service

Unsupervised NLP and Semantic NLU

Leverage Aisera’s built-in industry understanding to deliver context-driven conversational resolutions through your virtual assistant for verticals including High Tech, Retail, Financial Services, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, and Healthcare.

AI Customer Service, AI Chatbot, Conversational AI

Workflow and API Orchestration

Connect to various enterprise application systems using APIs, creating customer service automation that is triggered conversationally or through system events.

AI Service Management

Conversational IVR

Integrate with your existing IVR applications such as Avaya, NICE inContact, Genesys, and Cisco to offer customers an NLP and AI-driven conversational experience to resolve service requests autonomously.

conversational AI, conversational IVR

Live Agent Escalation

Integrate with live chat systems of leading CRM and case management systems such as Salesforce, Zendesk, 8×8, and Freshdesk to seamlessly hand-off of customer requests to live agents.

self-service ai, AI Customer Service, AI Chatbot

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