How Call Center Automation Software Empowers Agents and Enhances CX

Contact center automation

AI has been integrated to fit into our daily lives so effortlessly. Rapid advancement in the tech space has changed how businesses operate and how CX functions in an organization. Automated call center software empowers human agents to focus on more complex and higher-priority requests to provide a consistently excellent level of service.

Companies these days are always trying to get an edge over each other in the market, and the effort put into building up the quality of a customer experience is a defining factor that ensures successful enterprises stand out in the crowd. AI-powered contact center software delivers better agent productivity and optimized self-service experiences which lends a deeper understanding of how to operate in the fast-changing business World.

AI-Powered Solutions to Impact CX Strategy

1. Agent Enablement

In call centers, AI-powered software tools enable agents to formulate personalized messages at scale. Tier 1 inquiries can be handled by AI-powered voice bots and chatbots easily and the bots get smarter with each query they filter. This allows live agents more time to personally look after the more pressing escalations that go beyond the scope of your AI-powered chatbots and voice bots.

Most importantly for personalization, granting agents access to relevant customer information will enable them to build a rapport with their customers. At the end of the day, increased customer satisfaction leads to optimal agent productivity and minimization of human error.

2. Customer Support

Self-service experiences are significantly improved by addressing the user’s needs quickly. Both – chatbots and voice bots leverage AI to make customer interactions more efficient. Customer sentiments can be deciphered from multiple sources to aid hyper-personalization that can provide solutions by addressing the root of an issue.

A great example of AI software in call centers is predictive inbound call routing which powers the AI to match customers to specific agents who are most proficient to handle that specific issue at hand, according to their area of expertise. Being privy to personal information gathered by these software allows for better recommendations and targeted strategies for your customers.

3. Analyzing Data with AI

Modern-day AI understands data and processes it into meaningful information. When AI is able to generate automatic reports, it helps businesses tremendously. AI-powered analytics find patterns from incoming calls as well as outbound calls to derive customer insights and plan the steps needed for going forward.

Now sales teams don’t need to sift through huge amounts of data manually and waste time cold prospecting. Instead, they can leverage AI to gain practical insights into your prospect’s behavior and use what you have learned to drive impactful customer experiences.

Provide Round the Clock Support

Apart from automating repetitive tasks, AI software offers support to greatly improve employee productivity as these companies are able to offer 24X7 support to customers without worrying about different time zones or burning out agents. AI technologies are designed to handle multiple customer queries simultaneously both via live chat and phone calls. Their functionality is scaled to meet the needs of growing customer bases, and can also be programmed to perform useful tasks like finding answers, processing purchases, providing recommendations, making accounts changes, scheduling meetings, or assisting in payments; to name a few. Use Aisera’s AI ROI calculator to see how much you will be saving by leveraging AI-powered customer services.

Avoid the Negative Impact of Bad CX

With a long-term perspective in mind, customers who struggle to get a hold of the call center or are expected to repeat their information to different agents after long wait times will have a diminished perception of that company. Current customers who have bad CX experiences are less loyal to further their patronage with the company.

How AI can improve CSAT and reduce churn:

Many companies are embracing AI-enabled CX solutions to support a wide range of sales and support demands. Do your team a great service and act now to leverage the potential of AI to transform your customer experience. Aisera has the knowledge and experience needed as a business partner. Reach out today to learn more.

AI-Powered Human Agent Model

In the most recent news, Frontier, the popular airline, has gone completely digital and chat-based, and has removed the feature where customers have telephonic access to any live agent. While more customers are digitally savvy these days it makes sense in one way, but a large section like baby boomers prefer the traditional form of spoken communication to address their needs.

With everything being automated across multiple verticals, eliminating the option to speak to a live agent might run the risk of pushing away customers; so as experts in this field we would always recommend a human + AI model that will assist best. Instead of deploying fully automated AI-powered bots at the front end, the smart thing for enterprises to do is to invest in an AI-powered human agent model where human customer service representatives are supported by AI technology.

It doesn’t have to be a major workforce with too many employees as 70-80% of the routine queries are handled by the AI itself, like pulling details from support documents, historical tickets, FAQ’s and the like. Such features assist the AHT (agent handle time) to a significant extent, and the shift to digital aids in minimizing escalations and majorly cuts down agent training costs. Aisera’s AI agent assist feature is just the thing your enterprise needs, so reach out to us and save big on daily operational costs.

Get More Bang for Your Buck!

Enterprises are always on the lookout for methods to minimize costs and maximize revenue, and AI has the ability to automate workflows and take care of more customer resolutions in less time. AI solutions also reduce call times and overall reductions by 60%.

As the chatbot becomes more efficient, collective costs go down as the need for hiring more employees diminishes. Aisera is your go-to solution for delivering the AI Service Experience for your enterprise.

Aisera was named a leader in The Forrester Wave™, Chatbots for IT Operations, Q4 2022. In the report, Forrester analyzed the most significant providers of chatbots and named Aisera as a leader.

Aisera has also been distinguished by the Forrester Wave AIOps report for leading the field in AIOps observability. Our AI service desk solution has empowered organizations to deliver an amazing employee experience to realize instant ROI, reduce costs and boost user productivity.

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