AISERA Transforms Customer Experience & Customer Service with AI & Automation

Next-generation AI-powered Customer Intelligence solution automates Revenue Operations, Customer Service and Technical Support for Personalized Concierge-Grade Customer Experience (CX)

Palo Alto, Calif. – June 29, 2021 – Aisera, the world’s first AI Customer Service that automates tasks, actions, and workflows for all organizations, announced today that it has significantly enhanced its Customer Service & Customer Experience (CX) solutions. The company has expanded the AISM platform to fortify Customer Service and CX products with comprehensive Revenue Acceleration, Billing, Subscriptions, Customer Support, and other business processes automation. This expansion augments and improves the entire Customer Experience—delivering deeper Customer Intelligence and a vastly improved, automated user experience, yielding dramatically higher CSAT with greater productivity.

Aisera was able to implement this disruptive broadening of its solution via its powerful, unique Conversational AI, Conversational RPA, and Ticket AI capabilities that amplify customer intelligence and customer experience. The result is transformative improvement in the overall Customer Experience, CSAT, delivering exceptional productivity gains and cost savings.

Aisera provided Zoom Video Communications the benefit of the world’s first proactive, personalized, and predictive AI Customer Service solution that interactively automates workflows for tech support, billing, and technical support requests. With Aisera, Zoom was able to reduce the customer effort in automating customer service & support functions by automating case resolutions across the Global Service and Support organization improving service delivery, productivity, and boosting customer experience.

“Zoom saw unprecedented growth, which created a need for AI and automation for its customer service to offer a great user experience with accurate and timely service request resolutions. Zoom chose Aisera to deliver automated case resolutions for billing, subscription management, and technical support-related customer requests. Aisera’s AI Customer Service solution has empowered Zoom’s customer service organization to deliver an exceptional user experience and improve overall customer satisfaction,” said Nick Chong, Head of Global Service & Support at Zoom.

Even amidst unprecedentedly rapid expansion of demand for its offering during the pandemic, Zoom and other organizations have experienced growth challenges that hampered customer experience, on-time service delivery, and service costs mainly fueled by rapid growth and expansion of users and business. Many organizations felt the impact of a deficit in AI and Automation for customer service and technical support. With Aisera’s solutions, businesses achieve an auto-resolution rate of 70% or greater and improve CSAT score to 85% or more.

Propelled by Conversational AI technology, Conversational RPA, and TicketIQ, Aisera auto-resolves tasks, actions, and workflows for Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, and Operations. It works with existing customer service products (Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Microsoft, SAP) and knowledge bases to deliver users a superior end-to-end experience. Aisera’s AI technology enables unsupervised learning and a rich dialogue flow across the omnichannel. This empowers users to self-resolve their issues immediately, permitting support and operations teams to focus on business-critical initiatives.

“We’re very excited to work, partner and continue the journey with customers like Zoom. Aisera is continuously investing in people, product and technology. We want to help organizations to strengthen their Customer Intelligence and Customer Service functions to gain greater value and insights leveraging AI and Automation,” said Aisera founder and CEO Muddu Sudhakar. “We’re thrilled to provide scalable and high-performance AI-powered Customer Experience and Customer services to help users resolve service requests and troubleshoot technical and product issues. Our goal is to enable businesses to offer concierge-level capabilities and expedite customer resolutions promptly, autonomously, and seamlessly.”

About Aisera

Aisera offers the world’s first AI-driven service experience solution that automates operations and support for Customer Intelligence, Customer Experience, Customer Service, IT, HR, Sales and marketing, making businesses and organizations successful by offering consumer-like self-service and automated resolutions to users. Aisera fast tracks the digital transformation journey with user and service behavioral intelligence that drives end-to-end automation of requests, tasks, actions, and business processes. Aisera is a top-tier, VC-funded startup headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif. and a strategic partner with AWS, Microsoft, Azure, Google Cloud, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Workday, Atlassian, Zendesk.

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