Fireside Chat: McAfee & Aisera


In this fireside chat columnist Tom Taulli, McAfee’s Aneel Jaeel and Aisera’s Muddu Sudhakar discuss the importance of implementing AI-powered Customer Service to drive savings and improve CSAT for customer engagement and making significant investments in digital transformation and artificial intelligence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tom shares a couple of interesting case studies on how organizations are relying on AI and providing digital experiences that deliver delight for customers.
  • Aneel shares how McAfee swiftly pivoted during the global pandemic, because of their early investments in Conversational AI beginning 2019 and COVID-19 was only the catalyst to further deepen the digital transformative journey for McAfee.
  • Muddu urges business leaders should take a bet on AI & automation, he goes onto explains how Aisera’s cloud-native Generative AI solution could support organizations like McAfee to quickly adopt & invest in AI to provide self-service at scale to both employees and customers and see fast time to value.
  • Aneel further shares what customers are looking for is how can you reduce the effort required to get a resolution, and secondly they are looking for a guided as well as personalized experience. This is what McAfee has been focused on while we partnered with Aisera for our own Support Page on the website.
  • Muddu emphasizes on the importance of experience, and adds that Aisera is committed to delivering delightful and powerful experiences working closely with our ecosystem partners like Microsoft, Cisco, Zoom, Salesforce, Zendesk among other important stakeholders.