AI-Driven IT Help Desk Chatbots

Preventative Measures with AI

As the pandemic continues to urge remote working, employees at home are facing more digital and technical challenges. With a rising volume of support requests and issues, IT Help Desk organizations are facing challenges of their own. Many of these organizations are looking for effective AI-driven IT Help Desk Chatbots to address these challenges.

IT help desk chatbots

The calamity of COVID-19 has overwhelmed and overworked agents who are manually triaging endless requests to the point of seeming humanly impossible. This is the obstacle: manually and humanly.

Internal requests require manual resolution and it typically takes hours for a human to do so. In pre-pandemic times, employees might have had the feasibility to physically follow up with the IT department to get their support requests resolved in a quick and efficient manner. Eliminating all face-to-face interactions, a digital workforce is our only option. Consider the growing volume of requests from employees working from home. Technical and operational issues caused by adapting an office environment into the home are inevitable. With the already time-consuming and manual resolution process, service desks are now short of employees to upkeep workflow pace, while users remain on standby. Technology advancement is at our disposal and it’s imperative to take advantage of and update traditional processes as needed. Human mediation is posing to be cumbersome, but luckily AI and automation are here to relieve the pressure. IT Help Desk organizations need an innovative solution to combat inefficiency within the organization and the dissatisfaction of its end-users.

First Line of Defense

AI-driven IT Help Desk Chatbots act as a shield for your service desk. This AI chatbot solution utilizes Conversational RPA to automate workflows and resolve requests in seconds. Redundant tasks and actions such as resetting passwords or provisioning software can be autonomously completed without any manual labor. Streamlining backend processes with AI chatbots for automation significantly reduces service desk volumes for agents and reduces wait times for users. Auto-resolving the majority workload for help desk teams allows more time allocation towards other priorities and end-user satisfaction. Lower resolution time fulfills the needs of employees immediately, without hindering efficiency. In addition to time drawbacks, manual processes are prone to human error. The cognitive computing abilities of Conversational RPA learn and reference past ticket situations to prevent errors for accuracy and accelerate resolution times even further. By upgrading your IT Help Desk with AI, operational efficiency and productivity levels dramatically improve.

PPE: Providing Positive (User) Experience

While immediate resolution is vital for the efficiency of IT Help Desks, the interface is just as crucial for exceptional end-user experience. Today, millennials prefer attempting to resolve issues on their own, and speaking with an agent as the last resort. AI-powered IT Help Desk Chatbots empower and deliver the ultimate self-sufficient user experience. Chatbots driven with Conversational AI use unsupervised Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, and Natural Language Generation to surpass the existing chatbots which typically present scripted dialogue flows. This capability mimics human behavior by contextualizing conversation interaction to detect user emotion and tone to engage accordingly. Its dynamic user behavioral intelligence understands the true intent and sentiment of the user to personalize the most relevant and accurate solutions. AI chatbots engage instantly employing a natural human-like language while continuously learning from live user interaction to recognize patterns and accumulate knowledge as they operate.

Flatten The Curve: Reduce Down Ticket Volume

By automating the backend workflows and the conversational interface, the need for human intervention is diminished substantially. IT Help Desk Chatbots leveraging AI further alleviate ticket volume numbers with automation. When escalations arise, service desk agents can leverage a tool called Ticket AI that provides predictive insights to assist agents in resolving issues expeditiously. Ticket AI’s predictive intelligence refers to historical data to recommend the next-best-action, whether it’s using guidance from similar past tickets, leveraging knowledge articles, or facilitating the ticket to be handled manually. Based on a configured confidence level threshold, Ticket AI determines when a conversation becomes necessary for an agent to assume control. It then automatically classifies, assigns, and routes the incoming tickets to the right agents. This assistance provides further productivity to the agent and saves time with automated ticket management.

The Cure Your IT Service Desk Needs

Now, more than ever is the time to meet demands and guarantee support of the digital workforce by enhancing your IT Service Desk with AI. Scalable for internal departments including IT, HR, DevOps, and Sales, Aisera’s Service Management platform delivers automation improving overall employee experience. Particularly, Aisera’s AI Service Desk empowers internal employee collaboration resulting in a 60% increase in employee productivity and 85% improvement of employee satisfaction, with real-time self-service resolution. As the industry’s first AISM solution leveraging Conversational AI and Conversational RPA, the modernization of IT Help Desks and Chatbots is truly unique and forward-thinking. 

Senior Vice President Aneel Jaeel of technology enterprise McAfee states, “Aisera was an easy-to-use solution, where we were able to improve agent productivity out-the-gate.”

Prior to the adoption of Aisera’s AI-Powered solution, McAfee was challenged with 300,000 ticket requests each month with only 1,000 support agents available to mediate the requests. The agents were occupied with repetitive tasks, resulting in lengthier resolution times. Following the first initial days of deploying Aisera’s self-service IT Help Desk Chatbot interface, McAfee accomplished significant business outcomes, and their expectations for a support department solution were exceeded. Implementation of Aisera’s solution enabled McAfee’s customers to be self-sufficient for a large portion of the incoming tickets. McAfee was able to benefit from a 74% auto-resolution rate, which deflected their ticket volumes significantly. Agent productivity soared by 75% and CSAT scores increased by 5 points, indicating higher levels of McAfee’s customer satisfaction.

Support departments are confronted with a surge in ticket volumes. The present-day magnitude of tasks is causing extended resolution times which lead to poor end-user experience. Implementation of Aisera’s AI Service Desk delivers over 200 pre-built workflows for task automation to remedy those high request volumes and increase productivity. In conjunction with more than 5 million entities of Conversational AI, the Aisera solution fosters exceptional service experience and employee satisfaction. Because of the new normalcy of remote working, the workforce is shifting towards digital. Digitally transform your service desk with AI and automation for an enhanced and exceptional experience.