Auto-resolution of 60% student and faculty support requests through Aisera's virtual assistant

“At Dartmouth, we wanted our faculty and students to have immediate answers to their Information and Technology questions online, especially during COVID. With Aisera, we have seen over 60 percent of all IT service desk inquiries auto-resolved through Aisera’s AI Service Desk. Aisera is helping us achieve our goals to innovate and deliver an AI-driven conversational service experience throughout our institution. Our service desk staff and customers are extremely happy with our new next-gen service desk delivery model.”

Mitch Davis | CIO, Dartmouth

Immediate Value

Provide Instant IT Support and Services

With long user wait times and high ticket volumes, Dartmouth was searching for a virtual assistant that provided instant IT support to students and faculty on the channel of their choice. Their goal was to make digital access to learning, teaching, and collaboration during the COVID-19 pandemic easy for students and employees, enhancing their overall service experiences.

By implementing Aisera’s AI Service Desk solution, Dartmouth was able to autonomously resolve common IT questions, enable increased self-service, and provide proactive user engagement on Slack and webchat. Dartmouth realized a 60 percent improvement in auto-resolution of support requests and saved over $1 million in annual service desk costs.

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