AI Employee Experience Use Cases & Benefits

What is AI Employee Experience?

AI employee experience refers to the use of advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies to enhance the employees’ journey in the workplace. This can include providing intelligent service desks, personalizing training, and automating mundane tasks.

The primary goal of improving the employee experience with Artificial Intelligence is, to boost efficiency, satisfaction, and overall engagement within the organization.

Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Employee Experience

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) keeps reaching new horizons in sharing inspiration, innovating creatively, and overcoming challenges. Since conversation is the foundation of meaningful relationships, AI must be able to foster intelligent, two-way interchanges. As social beings, we often take the flow of our conversations for granted. However, the ability of advanced technology to meaningfully replicate topics, exchanges, and utterances is crucial for a humanized employee experience with AI.

In the initial phases of AI development, significant challenges surfaced. The primary issue was not the mere transmission of language, but rather the contextual understanding and subtleties of the interactions. Employees began to expect a higher level of personalization, empathy, and human-centric comprehension in their interactions with AI systems.

These elements proved to be crucial for successful implementation. The frustration and dissatisfaction commonly associated with AI chatbots that fail to respond effectively or empathetically highlight the importance of these factors in AI-driven communication.

Before AI, Service Desk interactions had become a dreaded ordeal; impatient employees bogged down waiting for help with simple functions like password changes or adding new information to a health insurance policy. Gartner found that between 20%-50% of all, IT help desk calls involve password resets for various devices, applications, and IT services, ranging from 2-30 minutes to fix. Forrester adds that each password reset call costs an organization $70!

These chores are among the most tedious and least rewarding aspects of technical support. Dispirited service agents stuck addressing volumes of low-skill requests have little opportunity to focus on higher-level issues and use their training to advance their careers. The impact on morale showed up in drains on focus and motivation, reduced employee engagement, drop in employee satisfaction, leading to employee churn, and consequent human resources replacement and training costs.

AI Powered Employee Experience Use Cases

AI technology and employee experience integration offers unparalleled opportunities, streamlining processes and tailoring interventions to individual needs. Let’s delve into its impactful use cases of AI employee experience.

  1. Personalized Learning and Development: AI can analyze an employee’s performance data, strengths, and areas of improvement to create tailored training programs. This ensures that employees receive the right training at the right time, accelerating their career growth and skill development.
  2. Automated HR Support: Chatbots powered by AI can answer HR-related queries in real-time, such as questions about benefits, leave policies, or company procedures. This reduces the time employees spend searching for information and ensures they get accurate and consistent answers.
  3. Enhanced Collaboration: AI can assist in project management by automatically scheduling meetings based on the availability of team members, suggesting resources based on project needs, or even identifying potential roadblocks in a project by analyzing communication patterns.
  4. Predictive Well-being Programs: By analyzing data like employee feedback, work patterns, and absenteeism, AI can predict potential burnout or stress. HR can then intervene with personalized well-being programs or offer counseling services to the concerned employees.
  5. Streamlined Onboarding: For new hires, the onboarding process can be made smoother with AI. It can automate paperwork, provide virtual tours, schedule introductory meetings, and even predict the resources or training a new employee might need based on their role and background.
use cases of AI employee experience

How Conversational AI Elevates Employee Experience?

The demand for credible, easily accessed AI conversation has driven an era of breakthroughs: deep learning, natural language engagement, supervised and unsupervised Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) are well established.

Natural Language Generation (NLG) can automatically change data into plain English (or multilingual) content. These are only a few of the foundational technologies that are transforming the quality of interactions between humans and digital systems.

By implementing AI in the workplace, they have now made it possible for employees to streamline mundane, repetitive portions of the daily workload across the enterprise through Conversational AI for Employee experience. Additionally, AI makes personalized training available for agents to enhance their skills and value. The result is an ongoing productivity, efficiency, and job satisfaction revolution.

Aisera accesses and utilizes abundant information from existing enterprise knowledge-based systems and interactions to resolve challenges and humanize the employee experience design with the power of artificial intelligence.

Available resources for achieving that goal include chat conversations, emails, voice transcripts, transactions, and other pre-existing enterprise data in the IT Service Desk systems. The AI solution can now utilize AI and machine learning (ML) to teach itself to behave in a human-centric way with minimal—or even no—user supervision.

Aisera’s conversational AI platform enables learning from structured and unstructured data to conduct direct, meaningful conversations with an employee or user. Aisera’s virtual assistant can now intuit user intent in order to make suggestions and recommendations, and tailor responses.

When efforts to resolve an issue fall short, it can smoothly transfer the interaction to a real human, keeping frustration to a minimum. It can perceive rising annoyance in a user’s voice and respond intelligently to avert frustration.

In this video, Muddu Sudhakar, CEO of Aisera, explains how AI technology enhances employee experience through workflow automation and IT Service Management (ITSM) strategy.

AI-Enhanced Employee Experience for Omnichannel Efficiency

Most people today expect to use their smartphones for reading emails, browsing the internet, checking their schedules, calling a meeting, and chatting live with colleagues. The ability to switch across applications, pause, and resume their conversations is a given. This expectation holds true when it comes to IT Service Desks as well. An “Alexa-like” interchange is the gold standard for introducing AI employee experience.

In response, Aisera’s Conversational AI Assistant enables employees to interact with a Service Desk representative across email, web, chat, voice, or messaging. Now, with advanced Conversational AI technology, a user can talk, text, or type a question, and a Conversational AI agent will pop up, embedded in whatever channel the user is active on.

That means employees and Conversational AI agents can engage in a meaningful conversation while chatting on their laptops and resume the conversation by messaging on their mobile phones—with the full state preserved. They can resolve user requests autonomously through omnichannel conversational dialogues while achieving as much as 80 percent self-service resolutions, with 50 seconds MTTR, and increase CSAT/NPS up to 50 percent—potentially cutting costs up to 90 percent!

Benefits of Human-Centric AI Employee Experience Solutions

The advent of Aisera technology was made to order for the Service Desk, helping both employees and agents break free from unproductive routines through self-service ticket resolution. Aisera:

  • Delivers personalized employee experience solutions with user-relevant conversational experience, and conversation context-switching
  • Enables omnichannel support (web portal, chat, email, voice, and mobile app)
  • Institutes self-learning Cognitive AI with prebuilt models to understand over 1.1B conversations
  • Integrates and supports enterprise formats
  • Distributes knowledge enterprise-wide
  • Seamlessly integrates with ticketing, knowledge, and IAM systems
  • Enhances user engagement

Now, Conversational AI agents can guide end-users through self-service by deeply understanding the intent and meaning of a question via Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Aisera’s Virtual Assistant can quickly retrieve relevant information for users even when it is buried in unstructured support web pages or lengthy troubleshooting documents.

Because Conversational AI integrates with back-end enterprise systems such as configuration management, application access, and service catalogs, an agent can resolve service requests that require the execution of cross-system business workflows. For an employee, Aisera’s Conversational Automation & RPA allows them to use self-service to unlock accounts, reset passwords, provision an application, troubleshoot email, or resolve VPN connectivity.

This support makes a major difference in terms of increased job satisfaction, time and cost-savings, and overall productivity. For the enterprise, AI-driven virtual assistants, enhanced by Generative AI for HR capabilities, are available 24/7, don’t increase headcount, and can be expanded elastically by adding more computing power, so their advantages are easy to quantify.

Where to Start to Improve Employee Experience with AI?

Aisera offers personalized, human-centric AI-powered technology that dramatically improves the employee experience, empowered by deep learning, NLP & NLU, ML, multi-cloud services, and distributed data pipelines. If you’re concerned with long resolution times, high support request volume, limited budget, and low productivity, Aisera can help you overcome these challenges.

We can help you automate the HR with the majority of repetitive manual tasks, compress hierarchies, accelerate decision-making, and most importantly, deliver a positive employee experience. Request a Generative AI Demo and learn more!

There are two webinars about how AI impacts employee experience in enterprise companies:

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