Enhancing the Employee Experience by Conversational AI & Automation

Organizations and business leaders today are looking for all possible ways to enhance the employee experience – right from employee onboarding, to enabling the new hires to have all their IT support issues addressed within a few minutes and empowering them to have all the information they need without any friction or long wait times. Conversational Automation plays a crucial role in this process.

Aisera, as a leading Conversational AI Platform, is at the forefront of providing solutions that global brands are partnering with. The aim is to create a more connected and orchestrated service management environment that focuses on employee engagement. By taking employee feedback seriously and providing a positive employee experience at scale in the work environment, Aisera is defining new standards in this domain.

Service Desk interactions have always been considered a dreaded ordeal; impatient employees are left feeling frustrated waiting for help with simple functions like password changes or adding new information to a health insurance policy. Forrester Research determined that large organizations spend up to $1 million per year on staffing and infrastructure to handle password resets alone, estimating that one password reset can cost $70.00.

Now while a recent Future of Work Survey by Forrester revealed that 67% of the respondents were satisfied with their service desk interactions, the Survey additionally highlighted the fact that 62% of the respondents would also avoid their service desks!

Grant Thornton’s Employee Experience Journey with Conversational AI & Automation

Chris Stephenson, Managing Principal – Product Innovation, Grant Thornton in a recent fireside chat with Will McKeon-White, Analyst, Forrester and Muddu Sudhakar, CEO and Co-Founder, Aisera shared the success story of how implementing Aisera’s AI Service Desk solution has led to achieving 75% auto-resolution rate with help desk support tickets, and additionally also contributed to 85% improved employee satisfaction.

“We’re a large organization with over 10,000 employees in the US and the solution we had in place for IT support was very manual and an outsourced model. We observed that everytime we were onboarding new hires our support costs went up, time to resolution went up but surprisingly the number of tickets that were being resolved seemed to be on a decline,” exults Chris Stephenson.

“Our main driver to partner with Aisera was to achieve scale. Aisera has helped us to improve our employee satisfaction as well as enhance the employee experience overall!”

Chris Stephenson, Managing Principal – Product Innovation, Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton’s Employee Experience Journey with Conversational AI & Automation

Since the deployment of Alyx (Conversational AI Assistant) Grant Thornton’s IT Service Desks are managing over 11,000 tickets monthly of which 75% tickets are auto-resolved with Alyx. This has allowed Grant Thornton to bring the help desk support team in-house now, who are able to tackle the more complex issues that have a higher risk associated with them and this equates to the remainder of the 25% support tickets.

“The Implementation took around 6 months, with 4-5 months of initial planning to better understand the scope, picking our software partners for the project, and setting up the workflows. And we were at 75% auto-resolution rates on support tickets after 6 months of implementation of Alyx,” Chris further explains.

Given Aisera’s low code platform, it empowered Grant Thornton to make changes on the fly. Every time there is an experience that’s sub-optimal, or the cycle to close takes too long, or an incorrect response is received from Alyx, the same individuals who are solving those problems have the ability to make those changes to the workflows. Thus, taking out the repeatable high-volume tasks at a higher quality level that humans can achieve with AI and automation at scale.

Looking to Build Your Connected Employee Experience?

Aisera’s AI Service Management (AISM) is the answer you are looking for. With our out-of-the-box, unsupervised NLP/NLU, conversational AI-powered workflows, and autonomous reinforcement learning algorithm your IT service desk will go from a dreaded employee experience to a supercharged employee experience much like the story our friends at Grant Thornton have to share. Experience the best AI technology for your enterprise by booking a free conversational AI demo today!

How Aisera Supercharged Grant Thornton’s Employee Experience with Conversational AI & Automation

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