Introducing ‘Campaigns/User Broadcasts’: Enable Employee Engagement at Scale

Introducing ‘Campaigns/User Broadcasts’: Enable Employee Engagement at Scale

Communication has been – and continues to be – one of the key aspects of every business’ growth. Corporations with various levels of hierarchy often struggle to manage communication (top-down and across teams) effectively. Traditionally, it has been done via email but, let’s be honest, email fatigue is real! When you stop and think about it, having a bunch of unread emails in your inbox is not productive nor promotes proactive communication in your organization or a positive employee experience.

Even though chatbots have been around for many decades (the first chatbot ELIZA was created in the 1960s) a lot of people are still skeptical about reaching out to a bot when they have questions. Their hesitation is valid as for decades chatbots have not met end-user expectations.

State-of-the-art NLP & NLU might not always be enough, especially if you have a skeptical audience who needs convincing that the chatbot can indeed provide value and find accurate answers faster than Google or the company’s internal search portals.

That’s why here at Aisera, we invested in the Campaigns/User Broadcasts feature that enables you to send mass messages and surveys to specific audiences in your company. Our goal was not only to empower our customers to quickly and easily broadcast important company updates or surveys with relevant groups but also to promote user adoption of Conversational AI assistants and establish a stronger relationship between the AI Chatbots and employees.

Here are the top 5 User Broadcasts that have been successful in engaging a larger audience and showed the results of improving employee engagement by 10-20%.

Things Bot Can Do

1. Improve Employee Experience

Improve employee experience by educating your users how the Conversational AI assistant can help with the “Things Bot Can Do” campaign!

We’ve noticed that even though people do get excited to chat with a chatbot, a lot of times they aren’t sure how exactly to ask for help and after a few unsuccessful attempts they would give up. Having some initial recommendations is a good start, but the capabilities that Aisera’s Conversational AI Platform offers are so vast that users would get overwhelmed with too many options offered to them at once. That is why the “Things Bot Can Do” campaign has been a tremendous success among our customers. It is a great way to introduce new commands every other week and remind users of some of the capabilities.


2. Share company updates and get RSVPs on events

Let’s skip another boring email and instead, share some exciting news via MS Teams or Slack! Managers can easily track how many people are attending the event by looking at the User Broadcasts insights.

New Hire Onboarding

3. New Hire Onboarding

Provide an AI-powered employee experience with New Hire Onboarding broadcasts. The process of employee onboarding is one of the most important factors in giving new hires a head start and promoting not only great employee experience but also a productive environment in the organization. Aisera’s intelligent virtual assistant can engage new employees by sending a New Hire Onboarding broadcast and automatically follow up with a reminder to make sure they complete their onboarding.

Post Onboarding Survey

4. Post Onboarding survey

Surveys are a lot more fun to take if they come from a chatbot! To keep your employees’ responses private, we have an ability to conduct private surveys. Managers would still gather real-time anonymous aggregate survey results to make informed decisions for the way forward.

Lunch Survey

5. Lunch Survey

Organizing a lunch event to see where your group would like to have lunch at? Our customers have been successful in sharing quick polls with their teams to get insight on where the team would like to go out for lunch or other team building events.

These are only a handful of examples of how you can successfully engage your employees and get them more familiar with AI Chatbot adoption, so they are at ease to reach out to a chatbot next time they would need assistance.

Learn how you too could elevate the employee experience in your organization with Aisera today!

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