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By leveraging the power of ServiceNow, Aisera delivers next-gen AI Service Management solutions to automate the remediation of knowledge requests and tasks as well as operations for IT, HR, DevOps, and Customer Service departments.

Aisera’s ever-learning AISM solution leverages TicketIQ and an AI Service Desk to deliver next-gen self-service experiences to users and employees with easy integration and scalability on a ServiceNow ITSM chatbot. Aisera integrates workflows for managing IT incidents, problems, changes, ordering, and fulfillment. ServiceNow also equips Aisera to ensure quick answers and efficient workflow automation that provides accurate self-service, increases productivity, speeds up time to resolution, and reduces IT service costs across all channels on Day One.

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Aisera Solutions Available on ServiceNow

TicketIQ on ServiceNow

Aisera’s TicketIQ auto-resolves tickets by providing in-context recommendations and next-best actions to service agents. TicketIQ predicts classification, assignment, and routing capabilities for requests and tickets. TicketIQ also assists service agents by predicting ticket resolution fields, including category, sub-category, business service, and configuration item.

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