autodesk case study

Aisera predicted and prevented outages before they could occur, saving us millions of dollars in operational costs and ensured our business continues to run efficiently.

Prakash Kota | CIO,

Immediate Value

Major Incident and Outage Prediction

Before working with Aisera, Autodesk relied heavily on manual processes to correlate incidences which became tedious and time-consuming. With Aisera, Autodesk wanted to improve operational efficiency and shorten mean time to repair (MTTR) by leveraging automation to proactively detect major incidences.

After deploying Aisera’s AIOps, Autodesk was able to seamlessly capture valuable, relevant data from diverse data sources and quickly derive appropriate actionable insights. Autodesk is now able to detect major incidences and outages before they even occur. As a result, they received a 70 percent reduction in MTTR with AIOps and a 50 percent increase in agent productivity.

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