AI-Powered Customer Intelligence – Pragmatic Solutions Used to Scale!

ai-powered customer intelligence

Unlocking customer intelligence with personal data is the need of the hour for any enterprise looking to stay in business during this technological age. The artificial intelligence (AI) driven machine learning tools are versatile in tracking your customer’s digital footprint, patterns, behaviors, expectations, and the like. Using these insights, AI-enabled solutions like Aisera guide businesses to stay ahead of their revenue targets.

Analyzing data and crunching the numbers will help you chart the best course of action to achieve your business goals. Organizations that achieve a holistic view of their customer’s next steps can leverage customer data to create personalized experiences that will retain customers and bring in repeat sales. These modern customer service tools and conversational AI technology solve the complexities of competitive sales and profit margins. Let’s dive into the specifics!

AI Customer Intelligence Tools Support Decision-Making

As managers and leaders in your industry, important decisions are an hourly call of duty. Experience is valuable, but to make a shift in functioning, you have to use data science and data visualizations to make impactful decisions that will allow you to supersede your competition.

Analytics to monitor activities, tracking online campaigns and allocate resources across multiple channels. These insights captured in customer data platforms (CDP) assist in prioritizing tasks and eliminating inefficient activities.

Let’s say that your firm has a recurring revenue of $5M every year, and you seek to double the revenue growth in the next year; think about what will need to be taken into consideration? You’ll have to factor in all the verticals like market research, marketing strategies, pricing strategies, product development, hiring of resources, customer relationship management, etc.

It’s a lot, and profitable companies do not scale purely off a gut check! Running machine learning models and tools predict the action most suitable to any issue you need to address. With all the advancements that technology has made, your company’s future can be in safe hands.

Focus on Customer Retention

One of the pivotal strategies of revenue growth is to focus on improving customer retention. Often your representative will be managing large customer bases. Still, because of so many time-consuming details, it can be tough to establish a fail-safe course of action.

Intelligent data tools are the solution that unifies all the available data and showcases it in a single dashboard. These insights assist customer success representatives to be more proactive and effective while retaining customers. Research shows that even a 5% increase in retention rate can result in 35%-75% revenue growth.

Sentiment Analysis is the Path Forward

Machine learning algorithms can capture sentiments and slight nuances of language and intent. In an instance where chatbots are deployed, customer sentiment analysis indicates to a robo-advisor that the customer they are interacting with needs human intervention to smooth things over, and that can conveniently be done from a channel they already operate on.

The chatbot advisor can tailor the conversation and the sentiment technology will even provide the employee with suggested responses and resolutions based on the interaction with the customer. This will help to ensure the customer’s needs are being met and their issues dealt with.

It is important to make decisions that are relevant to the users.

Upsell to your Customers - Predict Future Sales with Accuracy

Using AI customer intelligence helps establish closer connections, predict likely outcomes, and identify opportunities in real-time. The data is sourced by –

  • Gathering feedback from questionnaires/surveys
  • Data points from social media posts
  • Recording phone calls
  • Setting up an omnichannel AI call center to map the entire customer journey

Implementing customer intelligence for your business needs precision of technical skills, domain know-how and resources. Large volumes of internal and external digital data are optimized to show results by focusing resources on the highest-value customers. When your data is dispersed in different formats, segregating what is useful is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Data has to be filtered and cleansed prior to a fair analysis of actionable insights.

Key indicators of upsell revenue to help you map your customer journey and track what to expect –

  • Expected Time to Value
  • Support Volume + Severity
  • Product Adoption Trends
  • Referenceability

Drive Loyalty and Improve Customer Behavior

Figure out what’s driving repeated transactions and higher loyalty by segmenting your customers.

AI and ML analyzes customer feedback and informs the database regarding cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Then the AI analyzes sentiment to accurately predict, tag, and direct cases.

Benefits –

  • Reduce first response times
  • Lower time to close

Customers desire customized offers and sale bundles, but not enough businesses offer them. A study revealed that 80% of consumers would be likely to buy from companies offering customized experiences.

Prevent Churn with AI-Powered Tools

Businesses have to tap into customer data and other analytic points to calculate churn. Predictive and post-churn models are analyzed to understand what adds to churn risk and how to keep it from happening.

AI and ML are perfect solutions for customer retention and churn prevention.
Data is analyzed based on information gathered and is segregated and delivered right into the company’s dashboard, allowing employees to be proactive and ensure that their clientele keeps using their products and services.

Schedule a free consultation with our AI experts, and let’s look at how we can use your customer data to improve your revenue trajectory for 2022!

Market Basket Analysis for Better Purchases

Market basket analysis (MBA) is a popular technique used by companies to identify the best mix of frequently bought together products or services. By tapping into details like demographics, location, past purchases. etc., the AI understands what kind of shoppers buy products in combination with each other.

The outcome of this kind of association analysis is done based on an algorithm; and can be implemented into marketing activities to trigger upsell and cross-sell.

C-Level execs, VPs of customer success, client representatives all need data-driven insights to improve retention and have a strategy to improve their net revenue retention (NRR). That’s where Aisera can help grow your business and qualify and nurture leads to build a high-converting pipeline.

Leverage our intelligence to acquire –

  • High-quality lead generation
  • 360° customer analytics
  • Proactive lead engagement
  • Amazing customer experiences

Interpreting your customer’s feelings and meeting their needs pays off in a big way, and is genuinely the sustainable path forward. By focusing resources on the highest-value customers, large volumes of internal and external digital data is optimized to show results. These are some baseline strategies you can use to maximize your revenue potential.

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