Aisera and Microsoft Enable AI Copilot for Enterprise

Enabling a self-service enterprise with
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Aisera and Microsoft

Delivering Exceptional AI Service Experience

By leveraging the power of Microsoft, Aisera delivers next-gen AI Service Desk solutions to automate requests, tickets, and operations for IT, HR, DevOps, and Customer Service departments.

Aisera’s AI Copilot solution is scalable, easy to deploy, and built to work smoothly with existing service desks to deliver revolutionary end-to-end experiences to users and employees. By enabling self-service with Conversational AI and unsupervised NLU/NLP technologies, Aisera and Microsoft work together to provide speedy resolution times, reduced operating costs, and personalized user experiences across all channels.

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Aisera & Microsoft: Better Together

An animated GIF shows AiseraGPT answering user requests about inviting people to Teams and retrieving info about company healthcare coverage
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella speaking about the Copilot Ecosystem

Srini Raghavan, Vice President of PM – Microsoft Teams“As you can see, ISVs are planning to tap into the power of Copilot in a wide variety of ways, with countless other exciting uses on the horizon. And there are other notable AI integrations as well. For example, Aisera’s Enterprise AI Copilot solution uses domain-specific large language models with AiseraGPT to contextually resolve user requests right within Teams or inside the SaaS application, Aisera AI Service Desk, available now. Soon, the company also plans to publish Aisera Enterprise AI Copilot on Microsoft AppSource.”

Srini Raghavan, Vice President of PM – Microsoft Teams

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Aisera Solutions Available on Microsoft MarketPlace

AI Service Desk on Azure

The AI Service Desk solution is purpose-built on Azure to automate repetitive IT service desk requests, tasks, and workflows. Employee requests range from responding to information requests to autonomously resolving complex workflow tasks across multiple applications and systems. Automated responses provide employees with immediate self-service resolutions with zero lag time. 

MS Teams AI Service Desk

Aisera’s MS Teams AI Service Desk solution works on MS Teams to auto-resolve IT issues for employees to deliver an exceptional employee experience. Aisera’s AI Service Desk works with existing ticketing systems to deliver an end-to-end  AI Service Experience leveraging Conversational AI, NLU search, and unsupervised NLP to speed remediation of knowledge requests and provide self-service resolutions to users.

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