Aisera and Microsoft Enable
AI Copilot for Enterprise

Enabling a self-service enterprise with
AiseraGPT & Generative AI
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Aisera & Microsoft: Better Together

Aisera has partnered with Microsoft to bring an Enterprise and Heterogeneous Al Copilot that boosts user productivity by reasoning on enterprise data to expedite decision-making and completing tasks. It harnesses domain-specific LLMs that are grounded in customer data and offers customizable prompts, skills, and workflows to make every interaction smarter and more accurate, provides proactive recommendations, and gets work done. Built on a TRAPS framework (Trusted, Responsible, Auditable, Privacy, and Secure AI), the Enterprise Al Copilot helps meet stringent data governance requirements of any organization.

Aisera has deep integrations with Microsoft products such as Microsoft Azure, Azure OpenAl, Copilot for Microsoft 365, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Fabric, Microsoft Graph, and more. Aisera was recognized in 2023 as Microsoft Partner of the Year and together are helping bring forth a vision for a self-service enterprise resulting in huge productivity gains for users.

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Srini Raghavan, Vice President of PM – Microsoft Teams“As you can see, ISVs are planning to tap into the power of Copilot in a wide variety of ways, with countless other exciting uses on the horizon. And there are other notable AI integrations as well. For example, Aisera’s Enterprise AI Copilot solution uses domain-specific large language models with AiseraGPT to contextually resolve user requests right within Teams or inside the SaaS application, Aisera AI Service Desk, available now. Soon, the company also plans to publish Aisera Enterprise AI Copilot on Microsoft AppSource.”

Srini Raghavan, Vice President of PM – Microsoft Teams

Neelay Thaker, Director of Product Marketing - Microsoft Azure“Aisera leverages Azure OpenAI and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) to provide a Generative AI platform for enterprises to help them automate and enhance customer service interactions, employee service desk, content generation, workflow generation and many other industries/domains.”

Neelay Thaker, Director of Product Marketing – Microsoft Azure

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