Supercharge User Productivity
with Aisera and AWS

Securely Deploy AI Copilot and AiseraGPT on AWS at Scale
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Aisera & AWS: Better Together

Aisera is proud to partner with AWS to use the power
of Generative AI to drive worldwide user engagement
and productivity. Utilizing Amazon Bedrock, SageMaker Jumpstart, CodeWhisperer, and more, Aisera helps organizations operationalize their LLMs into Generative AI Apps. Users can select their Large Foundational Model
(LFM) of choice, like Aisera’s proprietary LFM with domain-specific LLMs, allowing organizations to create tailored solutions for any domain. With these capabilities, Aisera empowers organizations to achieve greater efficiency and increased cost savings while enabling accuracy in responses.

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Choose Your Foundational Models and Domain-specific LLM with Aisera and Amazon Bedrock

Together with Amazon Bedrock, AiseraLLM offers an easy-to-use developer experience to work with a broad range of high-performing domain-specific LLMs with a foundation model of their choice from leading Gen AI companies like Anthropic, Meta, Stability AI, and Amazon. You can quickly experiment with a variety of foundational models in the playground, and use a single API for inference regardless of the models you choose, giving you the flexibility to use foundational models from different providers and operationalize your Gen AI App with turn-key deployment.

Amazon Connect with Aisera AI Voice Bot & Aisera Assist

Deliver exceptional support experiences with Aisera’s AI Voice Bot for Amazon Connect. Using Amazon Lex’s text-to-speech capabilities together with AI Voice Bot and Aisera’s domain-specific LLMs, the AI Voice Bot handles calls in any language, assists with intelligent call routing, and automates request resolution to reduce average call handling time. Aisera Assist also enhances the agent experience with case summarization, post-call analytics, next-best action recommendations, and real-time agent assistance.

Aisera Gen AI Products Deployed on AWS

Aisera uses AWS cloud computing and infrastructure to operate our SaaS offerings of AiseraGPT, AI Copilot, AI Voice Bot, AI Search and Aisera Assist

Together with AWS, Aisera offers enterprises flexible deployment models that include hosted SaaS and private VPC.