Why IT Help Desk Software is Crucial for Enterprises

Remember back in the day when if something happened to our computer systems, we’d pick up our laptops and march over to the IT section of the office for technical support?

Thank goodness those days are long behind us! Today, thanks to cloud-based help desk software, IT issues can be resolved quickly, remotely, and with better results.

A comprehensive help desk software requires a dependable and intelligent system to manage IT support functions. It is imperative for business leaders to have access to these tools to ensure that:

  • Problems are prioritized according to the demand
  • Efficient support and turnaround time
  • A lesser workload for the team
  • Significant cost savings
  • Actionable insights to tackle problems in the future

IT help desks empower leaders to deal with the gaps in IT service management & delivery, which ultimately helps make smarter and more informed decisions for the workforce. By strategizing to improve help desk operations and focus on more pressing tasks, organizations can plan for expansion.

Team Effectiveness and Problem Management

IT is the pivotal backbone of most organizations in the market, and one constant that is unanimous across all business platforms is the idea of building memorable products and services that will satisfy the users. Help desks save time and assist a company’s IT team to be more effective with their time and skills which helps create positive employee experiences and lends to the success and growth of an organization.

Having an active help desk solution in place gives users an efficient way to deal with IT service requests. When problems arise, a centralized ticket management platform is required to get the issue fixed quickly.

This is why enterprises aim at having IT help desk software that enhances employee experience. A hands-on IT help desk software will have all the tools in one space to solve issues via multi-channel support, and that’s what Aisera offers. Aisera provides IT support services that are personalized and align specifically with your business goals.

Feedback Response Gathers Predictive Solutions

Taking the feedback of your users allows them to be part of the process and makes them feel like valued users. Taking feedback helps address any pending issues right away, and employees appreciate it if you fix their issues as soon as possible to ensure BAU days.

As your organization, employee feedback helps enhance the overall employee experience. With the World still reeling from the after-effects of the Global Pandemic and the workforce preferring more remote and hybrid working set-ups enterprises need to have intelligent IT help desk software solutions to always ensure employee productivity and satisfaction don’t suffer.

Aisera Automates Repetitive Tasks for NJ Transit

NJ Transit was facing difficulties in answering huge volumes of routine IT service desk questions. The nation’s largest statewide public transportation company conducted ticketing on BMC footprints for a ticket volume of over 5000 per month, handled by 50 support agents. They used Microsoft Sharepoint for knowledge, while the channels used were MS Teams, webchat, and email.

Since Aisera seamlessly integrated into their existing systems, NJ Transit improved user experience on Day 1 and elevated employee satisfaction (ESAT) by 70%. Employees were able to autonomously resolve IT issues across multiple channels, including MS teams, and NJ Transit saw an immediate lift with over 70% of IT support requests being automated with Conversational AI & Automation, which led to a 60% gain in agent productivity.

Ensuring your IT help desk is equipped with the right support system is imperative to the success of your business. At Aisera, we power Conversational AI IT support, so you can log quick resolutions.

Criteria to Measure the Efficiency of your IT Help Desks

Help desk criteria provide insight into how well your agents perform and the areas for improvement. Based on that, you can develop individual and team goals to optimize your help desk processes. Some important criteria to measure the success of your IT help desks could be –

  • Omnichannel experience for users to contact the help desk
  • A self-service knowledge base helping users to find solutions themselves
  • Performance tracking systems
  • Team management functions like queueing and task allocation
  • First response time and loss of business hours
  • Value for money packages that are conclusive of multiple services
  • Automatic ticket generation and contact logging

IT service desks are invaluable to keeping your organization running smoothly, which keeps profits flowing. From basic password resets to devices crashing, we’ve got it covered. Get in touch with us today to speak with our AI experts and learn more about how to gain immediate ROI with AI and Automation.

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