IT Service Management Automation – 21st Century Tools for Revenue Generation

IT Service Management

ITSM workflow automation has revolutionized an industry with so many demanding tasks on its plate and freed up time and business systems in dynamic ways. It’s fairly obvious that any automation tool would work a lot quicker than people.

Oftentimes the search for resolution has to pass through various channels, followed by identifying the right people and skills and then waiting for them to assist with a fix. Right off the bat, a good ITSM automation tool will deliver improvements in all of these areas –

  • Increase in speed of execution
  • Reduction in operational expenses
  • Reduction in errors
  • Support agents can focus on critical tasks
  • Streamline the planning and execution of changes
  • Higher return on investment (ROI)

Experts have deduced that around 30- 40% of all menial tasks across 60-70% of different occupations will be automated in the upcoming decades. Let’s look at some of the crucial benefits of automation in the IT service desk.

Standardized Accountability Accessible Via Automation

Automation has been designed to tackle repetitive and time-consuming tasks and to get more done with less resources effectively. When you upgrade your IT environment with ITSM automation tools, the software produces the necessary insights into specific service requests and provides the essential support in an unsupervised fashion.

Problems like server downtime can cut into daily profits and team productivity. A report from Gartner showcases that the average cost of downtime in an IT department is $5,600 per minute and can add up to about $300K per hour. AIOps solutions can help with incident prediction and proactively recommend technical glitches or system upgrades to be made to avoid any service outages.

Resolving problems and implementing long and short-term solutions becomes easier than ever, as automation offers better workflow solutions.

When everything is streamlined, it becomes easy to understand where your employee’s time is spent and where your team will need extra assistance. Regarding the service desk, using automation can also provide insights into workflows that could be moved into self-service.

A Quick Fix for Remedial Tasks

IT departments spend at least 30% of their time on mundane and repetitive tasks daily.

The first solution is providing a more interactive response, like AI Chatbots or AI Virtual Assistants, referred to as Tier 0.5 requests. AI-powered tools offer –

  • Visibility of infrastructure
  • IT security and industry compliances
  • Alignment of IT costs with business needs
  • Better use of resources

AI-powered chatbots abide by a self-service policy and provide the necessary support to deal with standard customer queries.

With the integration of a predictive AI-based service desk, Aisera powers intent matching and disambiguation, context switching, and awareness. Aisera’s Conversational AI platform allows you to provide human-like, NLP-driven conversational interactions in multiple languages.

The endgame of any industry is ultimately to provide smoother client and customer services, and Aisera has paved the path forward for future innovations in employee support to enable seamless service experiences for enterprises.

Improved Operations and Revenue Generation

Automation is directly responsible for reducing manual labor and costs. With human inputs, you have to factor in rework costs for changes and corrections after errors in a first draft. With automation, the processes and deliverables are easier. Unstructured IT work time is also streamlined.

It is also interesting to note that matching inbound requests that can’t be resolved by incident deflection can help IT companies minimize large issue tickets and incident management backlogs. Integrating AI to modernize ITSM decreases IT expenses, minimizes mistakes, and boosts customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores, all while maintaining resolution times and speed.

Best-in-class enterprises accredit automation as a key driver of reduced downtime, cost savings and an increase in sales. With integrations spanning across +400 external systems, Aisera makes collecting data at scale simple. From your conversational AI to ticketing and marketing channels, we enable companies to build holistic client solutions via actionable insights and workflows.

Quicker Resolutions for Change and Release Management

Processing and facilitating changes are done quickly in real-time, and automation works better with DevOps toolchains with close to no glitches.

In a technology-dependent world that depends on data for excelling in the market, not opting for reliable business systems is counterproductive. The companies who have automated their service desks will agree that it is the ideal solution to older employee ticketing.

The AI-based tools used by Aisera make employee support personalized and employee-friendly. As it includes all the features to support a traditional service desk, it can definitely be used to supercharge the existing employee ticketing system like ServiceNow, BMC, Jira, among other enterprise systems.

Aisera’s AI Support Intelligence can leverage change requests and incident tickets and even alerts the data to discover the enterprise configuration items by cloud via their metadata to reconstruct accurate service topology and keep it current.

Secure your Business by Leveraging your Data with AI Tools

Data security is of the utmost importance in your business. Run your business confidently, knowing your data is safe and secure.

Service management systems are storehouses for a lot of data, and very little of it is properly leveraged. AI technologies can forecast performance based on historical data, assisting in better decision-making and risk management.

Aisera manages service desks for facilities management, event management, customer support, AIOps, bug tracking, and so much more. By implementing AI integrations with relevant tools, Aisera offers a unified access platform to end users for delivering seamless service experiences.

ITSM Automation tools like the ones Aisera provides, monitor the tech environment on your behalf and provide end-to-end services and support via our platform. With us, you’ll be able to:

  • Enable your businesses to increase productivity
  • Automate support requests
  • Manage assets & outages efficiently
  • Drive sales growth

Automation is a natural progression in the IT domain and contributes toward a collaborative and efficient workplace. The sooner companies adopt this upgrade to their task force, the more opportunities for their company’s success will grow. You can request a free Generative AI platform demo today with our AI & automation experts and chart out a reliable long-term solution for your business for a better tomorrow!

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