Where’s the value in AI for ITSM?

Gartner has been quick to grasp the revolutionary nature of the changes that AI brings to IT Service Management as next-gen ITSM. Like many major shifts, this is a groundswell, profoundly altering everyday routines and the jobs of workers who perform them.

So what does this mean when seen through the eyes of a CIO? Where does the earliest value lie—and what is the smartest route to reach that value? IT Help Desks and Service Desks are empowered through AI.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, customer service organizations that embed AI in their multichannel customer engagement platform will elevate operational efficiency by 25 percent.

“Over the next decade, AI will offer employees unprecedented information awareness and insight, freedom from low-value-add activities and the ability to easily use complex technologies,” says Bern Elliot, Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner

“Everyday AI” makes itself felt at every level of the global enterprise

Now a CIO can implement an AI service desk and gain the ability to reduce IT Service Management operational costs dramatically—propelling the efficiency of service agents and elevating service scores while gaining a vastly improved employee experience. And AI not only streamlines tedious, cost-ineffective manual processes, but it can also open up new opportunities for boosting revenue.

Aisera delivers users a personalized self-service experience with Conversational AI and RPA. Not a chatbot or a request/answer service, Conversational Automation is personalized, proactive, and prescriptive. It uses NLU search and unsupervised natural language processing (NLP) to simulate conversations with real people, enabling recommendation, notification, and resolution in both written and voice formats.

This advance delivers unprecedented efficiency to the help desk and service desk. So Aisera can:

  • Remove the human element even from judgment-intensive tasks by learning from closed tickets and pre-existing knowledge to suggest, recommend, and engage a resolution.
  • Access multiple knowledge sources and respond to a user in their preferred channel.
  • Automate mundane repetitive service requests such as unlocking accounts, resetting passwords, troubleshooting email, or increasing storage.    
  • Transform the employee user experience with satisfying human-computer interactions that solve problems faster at a far lower cost.

It’s no wonder Gartner predicts that by 2025, organizations that embed AI in their multichannel customer engagement platform will elevate operational efficiency by 25 percent!

Real customers, real experiences

Enterprise customers are seeing significant value from Aisera’s AI Service Management solution for IT help desks. Not only are they able to automate tasks and workflows, they are able to remediate requests and resolve tickets on day one of deployment. Success metrics range from 70 percent improvement in agent productivity to a reduction of person-hours by a factor of 100.  

One Fortune 500 customer implemented Aisera’s AI Service Desk to serve its user base of 10 million, achieving 80% improved customer experience and $5 million in cost reduction. Automating tasks & actions reduced mean time to resolution (MTTR) for this company by 90 percent while improving first call resolution (FCR) by 90 percent as well.

Gartner Predictions for Artificial Intelligence & Workflow

These results bear out Gartner’s predictions that by 2021, artificial intelligence and workflow will reduce ITSM support costs and displace at least 21 percent of all agent talk time; by 2023, 70 percent of these types of interactions will be automated. It’s a small wonder that Gartner anoints AI as one of the top five priorities for CIOs.

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