Aisera named a Gartner Cool Vendor

Being named a Gartner Cool Vendor is a stellar vote of confidence, recognizing the promise of emerging technologies to have a profound impact on the marketplace.

Gartner Cool Vendors have proven themselves over the years and performed exceptionally well in their respective industries. At Aisera, we’re grateful for this honor that validates our AI-driven ITSM solution, vision, and hard work, as well as the results our customers are achieving.

As a Gartner Cool Vendor, our goal is to revolutionize the resource-constrained world of IT, Customer Service, HR, facilities, and IT Operations.

For IT service desks and operations, Aisera’s out-of-the-box AI Service Management (AISM) solutions sit across ITOM & ITSM tools and integrate easily into existing environments for task and workflow automation. Aisera increases user self-service while improving service team productivity and reducing operational costs. From an operations perspective, Aisera also detects and predicts major incidents and service outages, while enabling always-on business uptime.

Gartner Recognizes Aisera with Cool Vendor for ITSM and AI Service Desk Markets

Aisera AI Service management, Gartner cool vendor

Employee and customer experience is driving the enterprise digital transformation movement. Aisera delivers a natural dialogue flow for users to obtain quick resolutions to their issues and problems through advanced Conversational AI and RPA. Businesses seeking to improve service levels across their entire enterprise end-to-end can now leverage Conversational AI and RPA for natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) that comprehends intent, context, and meaning. Aisera’s conversational omnichannel interfaces deliver greater user engagement by conducting multi-step conversations and comprehending questions, sentiments, and key messages to provide personalized interactions that derive resolutions.

If a company’s ITSM solution hasn’t been able to shrink service desk manual workloads and ticket volume, Aisera has the answer. We free service desk teams from repetitive manual tasks, helping boost efficiency, productivity, and overall work quality—driving company growth while holding down OpEx and staffing costs. If users are unable to resolve issues with front office Conversational RPA, then Aisera’s Ticket AI auto-classifies tickets and delivers contextual information to support requests via Atlassian, ServiceNow, and other ITSM tools.

Aisera’s AISM comprises advanced AI and ML that learn from incidents, events, and alerts to provide predictive analytics, automate root cause analysis, and identify the right corrective action plan. IT teams can identify and respond instantly to operational issues—propelling efficiency across infrastructure systems, storage, networks, and services/applications. This level of predictive operational intelligence ensures businesses are up and running, which inevitably drives a complete enterprise-level AI service experience from IT operations to service agents to customers. Aisera’s advanced AI and ML has driven the company to the Gartner Cool Vendor award.

Reaching New Horizons for the Customer Experience

Marrying automation with employee and customer experience creates the opportunity to solve old service desk problems by using fresh new AI-driven solutions that deliver automated service resolutions to users. At Aisera, we are dedicated to helping companies provide exceptional employee and customer experience, both internally and externally.

As a Gartner Cool Vendor, Aisera enables automation and self-service for inquiries, requests, tasks, actions, and workflows—before they even arrive at a service agent. Superior domain understanding and user context decrease call and ticket volume, freeing up service agents to take on more complex, meaningful and satisfying work.

Aisera’s unsupervised learning with Conversational AI and RPA allows for simple and intuitive natural language service engagement to provide guided experiences to users as it continuously self-learns from every interaction, inquiry or request while delivering auto-resolutions. Through the omnichannel, all users leverage these conversational interactions and autonomous workflows to resolve issues quickly or to gain further assistance when tickets are created.

Ultimately, Aisera bridges the gaps found in enterprise business processes—from operations to the end customer—enabling domain-independent AISM for those businesses. That means they can deliver an exceptional AI service experience to every user. Book a free custom AI demo today!