Top Digital Transformation Projects CIOs Should Focus On

CIOs need to look for projects that show clear results and demonstrate the wisdom of investing in new technology

Digital Transformation

As digital transformation gains momentum, CIOs are under increasing pressure to choose AI-native ITSM projects that return quick value in increased employee productivity, cost savings, bottom-line operational gains, and customer satisfaction. But this is a tall order. So CIOs need to look for projects that show clear results and demonstrate the wisdom of investing in new technology—the sooner the better.

AI is revolutionary and visible, and that means the stakes are high when it comes to implementing a project. It’s natural for a CIO to want to move cautiously, as Gartner notes,

“Nearly two of three organizations cited finding a starting point as a concern.”

But hesitation is a luxury CIOs can’t afford; the field of business competitors and the technology itself are moving much too fast. What CIOs need is a starting point with the certainty of producing quantifiable benefits and quick results.

Start with Automating your IT Service Desk

Human interactions. Huge amounts of data. These point straight to IT—and in fact, Gartner is unequivocal in naming IT operations as the area where digitizing can have the greatest impact and show quick, meaningful gains.

A Gartner analyst advises, 

“Look at how you are using technology today during critical interactions with customers… consider how the value of those moments could be increased… then apply AI to those points for additional business value.”

For companies seeking AI entry points, the shortest route to bottom-line value is through an AI Service Management solution.  Key benefits to an AI Service Management solution that automates IT help desks and customer service desks is the use of Intelligent Process Automation to automate tasks and actions while leveraging conversational AI through the omnichannel to deliver knowledge and resolution from multiple data sources to employees and customers. AI Service Management offers enhanced experiences, improves productivity, and significantly reduces support and service costs.

Automation is just the beginning: The magic is in intelligence

Envisage an AI-native ITSM solution that goes beyond automating manual tasks to be truly predictive, prescriptive and proactive. Aisera’s cloud-native AI Service Management solution leverages user and service behavioral intelligence to provide personalized experiences. Think of having the ability to prescribe the right actions and decisions, and to proactively speed resolution and remediation for IT, HR and Customer Service requests. Imagine cutting costs dramatically while improving employee and customer experience. This solution not only benefits the bottom line but helps accelerate the whole organization toward strategic digital transformation.

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