Conversational Platforms: Build vs Buy

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It’s no question that AI solutions are a key technological necessity for organizations driven by success. The real question is “build or buy?” Drawing up cost-benefit analyses for build-or-buy Conversational Platforms is one of the first things done when considering the implementation of conversational solutions for core operations. When does it make sense to build your own conversational solution and when does it make sense to buy?

Top analysts say that 90% of DIY conversational platforms fail within 6 months to one year.

90% is an incredibly high failure rate, however, 100% of enterprises with failed conversational DIY projects still want to pursue conversational platforms because of the value and benefits of self-service for users and organizations.

A Shift from Build to Buy

Aisera is seeing a huge shift away from enterprise customers going for DIY projects. In 2019, 40% of enterprise customers tried DIY conversational platforms. In 2020, only 10% of enterprise customers trying DIY conversational solutions and that number continues to decline. Because enterprises find it much easier and less costly to buy conversational solutions, we are seeing that monumental shift.

Big digital transformation projects like conversational solutions can be the make-it-or-break-it for your organization. Careful and strategic planning is crucial to ensuring success. Conversational solutions are a pivotal area for organizations, however, these DIY projects are prone to failure. Have you built or bought?

Regardless of whether your organization has chosen to build or buy your conversational platform, or even if you’re still deciding, it’s important to see what everyone else is up to.

  • Why have some built their own?
  • Why have others bought?
  • Why have their DIY projects failed?
  • What can you do about it?

These are all questions you have probably thought of already. We’re curious too– that’s why we’re asking you and other leaders for your feedback!

Give Us Your Feedback!

We’ve created a survey to gather industry insights on “Build vs Buy” strategies for conversational platforms. Want to see what others are answering? Fill out the survey and you’ll be able to compare your notes with your peers when we compile the results!

Survey results will be compiled into a report and shared with all participants. To join anonymously and collaborate with your peers, start by answering our build vs buy survey here. All participants are automatically entered to win a $200 Amazon gift card!

Why Out-of-the-Box AISM

Aisera offers the industry’s first-ever AI Service Management (AISM) solution that drives enhanced results through modernized approaches to streamlined resolution services. Technological capabilities like Conversational AI and RPA are fully leveraged in advanced solutions using AI-driven, single, and scalable automation interface for HR, ITSM, Facilities, Customer Service, Sales, and Operations. Personalized service experiences with omnichannel capabilities drive enhanced self-service resolutions for your customers and employees.

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