Aisera and Zendesk

Delivering Exceptional AI Service Experience

Aisera offers best-in-class AI Customer Service, virtual assistant, and agent-assist capabilities for IT, HR, Sales, and Customer Service all on the Zendesk platform. Aisera’s AI Customer Service auto-resolves customer support requests to drastically improve customer experience and reduce agent workload.

Aisera’s AI Customer service provides deep integration to tickets, knowledge base, and chat capabilities leveraging Zendesk Support. By using Unsupervised Natural Language Processing and Supervised guided flows equipped with built-in ontology, Aisera easily delivers out-of-the-box value on Day One. Aisera also offers agent-assist capabilities leveraging TicketIQ to auto-resolve cases without human intervention and provide recommendations for case resolution with next-best actions.

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Aisera Solutions Available on Zendesk


TicketIQ improves agent productivity with predictive intelligence using historical ticket analysis and next-best actions for effective auto-resolve and Agent-Assist modes for customer support requests. Seamless handoff to Zendesk Live Agent Chat makes for a smooth and effective escalation of tickets.

Aisera and Zendesk


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