Best AI-Powered ITSM Software 2022

Enable a transformative end-to-end service and operations experience for employees and customers in your existing enterprise environment

Why Aisera?

Aisera is the industry’s first Artificial Intelligence-powered IT Service Management (AI ITSM) platform, automating service desk resolutions through an all-in-one conversational platform. By leveraging advanced Conversational AI (or Virtual Assistant) and Conversational Automation capabilities, Aisera provides a single, scalable, and multilingual automation interface spanning IT, HR, Facilities, Sales, Customer Service, and Operations. Your organization can now deliver a personalized omnichannel service experience to both employees and customers with greater self-service resolutions. Aisera is a Gartner Cool Vendor, recognized for task and workflow automation through out-of-the-box AI-driven ITSM, Customer Service, and AIOps solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing environments. Aisera’s AI Service Desk and AI Customer Service solutions increase service team productivity, reduce operations costs, and improve overall employee and customer satisfaction.

AISM Architecture

A Single AI Platform Across All Services

Starting from a global taxonomy and ontology that includes over 5B intents and over 1T phrases across over 74 languages, Aisera continuously self-learns to autonomously resolve employee and customer issues through a world-class, contextual understanding of interactions using Conversational AI and RPA. With reinforcement learning at every step of each engagement, Aisera couples user and service behavioral intelligence with supervised and unsupervised NLP, semantic NLU, and NLG for enhanced dialogue flow with users. Only Aisera’s reinforcement learning vastly improves both the employee and customer experience. And that adds up to an exceptional AI Service Experience across the enterprise.

Key Capabilities

Aisera’s innovative no-code AI Service Experience is cloud-native—requiring no additional resources, prep-work, training, or data-cleansing. It just works.

Leading Conversational RPA Platform
Leading Conversational Automation Platform

Improve employee productivity and increase customer satisfaction with Aisera’s service catalog of 200+ pre-built workflows. Plus, build new ones easily with our versatile no-code workflow studio.

Advanced Conversational AI
Advanced Conversational AI

Give employees and customers a consumer-like experience with Aisera’s multilingual intent library. It’s purpose-built for IT, HR, Facilities, Sales Operations, and Customer Service.

Omnichannel Conversational Experience

Deliver a personalized conversation experience to your users in their preferred channel of choice, whether Slack, Microsoft Teams, Webchat, E-mail, and others!

Powered by Advanced AI

Gain a flexible, industry-leading, and practical AI approach. Leverage supervised, unsupervised, and human-in-the-loop AI learning methodologies.

Built-in Integrations & Analytics

Save deployment time with integration to 400+ enterprise systems, applications, and services. Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards offer full visibility, including auto-resolution metrics and the ability to discover the most requested knowledge articles.

Quick Time-to-Value

Provide immediate, complete resolution of employee and customer requests. Aisera requires zero training, prep-work, or data cleansing, providing pre-built intent understanding and execution of complex workflows from your service catalog.

Secure, Scalable Enterprise Grade Infrastructure

Scale to millions of users with a state-of-the-art, cloud-first, microservices-driven architecture. Uncompromising security completes a total AI Service Management solution.

Major Incident Predictor

Detect emerging patterns in real-time to predict service outages. Aisera’s AIOps leverages advanced machine learning and Natural Language Processing for proactive Major Incident prediction. Discover and resolve issues before customers are even aware of a problem.

Proactive Service Outage Notifications

Before crisis strikes, Aisera predicts outages and sends orchestrated, proactive notifications of developing critical situations to DevOps teams and customers for preemptive customer service.

Dynamic CMDB and Probabilistic Service Maps

Automatically build dependencies among network, storage, systems, applications, and service resources using incidents and alerts.


Connect to your existing systems. Our ITSM solution easily integrate with over 400+ connections to ITSM tools, CRM, Alerting, Monitoring, Chat Provisions, and RPA.

Customers We Serve

Aisera continuously learns across all vertical enterprises and domains to deliver advanced, out-of-the-box automation to customers worldwide.

Aisera's ITSM Solution