Gen AI Platform: A Collaborative Workspace to Build Generative AI Solutions

As AI technology continues to evolve, it is driving unprecedented change across various industries, from healthcare to finance, and retail to manufacturing.

Amidst this technological revolution, Aisera’s Gen AI Platform is emerging as an essential tool for businesses that are striving not only to keep up with the pace of change but also to leverage it for enhanced efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

Why Building on the Aisera AIX Platform?

Dive into the compelling reasons behind choosing the Aisera AI Experience Platform for your AI journey. We invite you to delve deeper into the platform’s innovative features and transformative capabilities, setting a new benchmark in the realm of AI-driven business solutions.

Aisera's AI Experience Platform to build enterprise AI and automation

A Unique Generative AI Collaborative Workspace

The Aisera AI Experience (AIX) Platform is a collaborative workspace specifically designed to develop generative AI solutions – integrations, connectors, APIs, channels, workflows, language models, and more.

It provides a centralized, interactive environment where diverse teams – including data scientists, AI researchers, developers, and business stakeholders – can work together to create, share, refine, and deploy AI models and end-to-end Generative AI solutions across various industries., such as Generative AI in banking, insurance, and healthcare.

Aisera Proprietary and 3rd-Party Large Foundational Models (LFMs)

The AISERA AI Experience Platform stands out in the AI development landscape by offering a proprietary Language Foundational Model (LFM) with a wide range of sizes, from 7 billion to 40 billion parameters. This flexibility allows businesses to choose the model size that best suits their specific needs and resources, balancing performance, and efficiency.

Moreover, the AI Experience platform ensures high-level security by enabling these models to run locally or on Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) / On-Premises, with no data sharing with any third-party provider safeguarding sensitive data and processes. For more open-minded businesses, the Aisera AIX platform allows the integration of chosen third-party foundational models via API. Whether it’s Anthropic, Google Vertex, OpenAI, or another LFM, users can seamlessly incorporate these resources into their AI development process on the Aisera AIX platform.

This dual approach – offering both a proprietary model and the ability to integrate external models – provides several benefits. It allows businesses to leverage the strengths of different models, enhancing the quality and diversity of their AI solutions. It also offers more flexibility, as businesses can adapt their AI development process according to their changing needs and advancements in AI technology. Finally, the AIX platform can significantly accelerate AI development and innovation by providing a secure and collaborative workspace for developing AI solutions with these models.

Domain and Industry Specific Small Language Models (SLMs)

Aisera’s approach of using Small Language Models as domain-specific LLMs offers several distinct advantages to businesses over the use of generic and Large Language Models (LLMs) available in the market. While generic LLMs can perform a broad spectrum of linguistic tasks without the need for specialized training is their primary strength, they only provide a passing familiarity with topics, terminology, and nuances of individual domains and industries.

Conversely, Aisera SLMs have been extensively trained using domain and industry-specific datasets which empowers the models with specialized knowledge of lexical, contextual nuances, conceptual depth, and inferences specific to each domain. As a result, Aisera SLMs can better understand, reason, and respond to queries within those domains than generic LLMs.

With the Aisera AI Experience platform, businesses are provided with SLMs that are already trained to serve domains like IT, HR, Finance & Accounting, Supply Chain, Legal & Compliance, Facilities, and industries like Healthcare, Security, Networking, Wealth Management, E-Banking, Insurance and more.

Language Models Customization via Grounding and Fine-Tuning Automated Pipelines

The process of fine-tuning and grounding language models (LMs) is a critical step in the development of Generative AI solutions. Fine-tuning involves adjusting the model to perform specific tasks or operate within a specific domain, while grounding ensures the model’s outputs are based on factual and reliable information. Aisera AIX platform offers automated pipelines for these processes, providing a significant advantage to customers.

First, automated pipelines save a tremendous amount of time and resources. Fine-tuning and grounding LMs manually are a complex and time-consuming process that requires a high level of expertise in AI and machine learning. Second, they ensure consistency and reliability.

Manual processes can be prone to errors and inconsistencies, which can affect the performance of the final solutions. Third, these pipelines allow for continuous model improvement and customization. They can be set up to automatically fine-tune and ground the LMs based on new data and feedback, ensuring the Generative AI solutions remain effective and relevant over time.

Transparent & Understandable AI

Aisera AIX platform brings understandability and predictability to AI solutions. Like human cognition, these models learn from extensive data, making intricate patterns discernible, and thus, ensuring a more informed prediction.

Moreover, Aisera integrates controllability in these models, allowing users to regulate model outcomes directly. All these features foster a valuable form of Generative AI, one that comprehends, learns, adapts, and explains just like a human mind.

UX Personalization

Aisera AI Experience platform offers advanced personalization capabilities, which are crucial for enhancing user engagement and improving the effectiveness of Generative AI. When users interact with a Generative AI solution that understands their preferences and provides relevant responses, they are more likely to engage with the solution and find it useful. This can lead to increased user satisfaction and loyalty.

By tailoring the user experience based on individual user profiles and query history, Generative AI solutions can provide more accurate and relevant responses. This can lead to better outcomes, whether it’s resolving a customer query more efficiently or providing more relevant search results.

Ease of Integration with Enterprise Backend Systems

Businesses rely on a myriad of systems and applications to run their operations, and these systems need to communicate and work together seamlessly. This is where the Aisera AI Experience platform shines, offering hundreds of out-of-the-box (OOB) integrations, connectors, and APIs with enterprise backend systems, like CRM, ERP, databases, and more.

Without these integrations, businesses would have to manually connect their solutions to each of their backend systems, a process that can be complex and time-consuming. Furthermore, these integrations allow the Generative AI solutions to access and utilize the data and functionalities of these systems, enhancing their capabilities and effectiveness.

Data Security & Privacy

As Generative AI solutions often handle sensitive and personal data, ensuring the security and privacy of this data is a critical requirement. Aisera AI Experience platform is designed with data security and privacy at its core, providing businesses with the confidence they need to leverage AI.

Aisera AIX platform incorporates robust security measures, including encryption, access controls, and secure data storage, to protect the data from potential threats. Aisera AI Experience platform complies with privacy regulations and standards, ensuring that the data is always handled lawfully and ethically.

What does Aisera offer to build?

Aisera LLM Gateway

The Aisera LLM Gateway serves as an all-encompassing access point for developers to work with LFMs and LLMs. This unified API framework is designed to serve as a bridge, connecting developers to sophisticated AI models while ensuring robust data governance, privacy, and system reliability.

In essence, the Aisera LLM Gateway transforms the way AI solutions are built and customized, offering dynamic model deployment to speed up AI integration.

Composable Generative AI Workflow Design & Execution

Aisera’s Composable Generative AI Workflow Design and Execution capability provides a platform to simplify and manage this complexity, enabling businesses to design, refine, and implement Generative AI workflows seamlessly. Businesses can choose, combine, arrange, and rearrange steps in their AI workflows to suit their specific requirements.

The Aisera AI Experience platform allows seamless execution of defined workflows, providing a highly interactive environment where developers can troubleshoot, evaluate, and optimize performance in real time. This empowers developers to create and deploy robust AI solutions that meet precise business needs and experiences.

Aisera Generative AI Studio for Prompts

The Prompt Studio stands as a brilliant testament to Aisera’s commitment to user-friendly Generative AI solution development. Essentially, the studio lets businesses easily design, implement, test, and manage prompts to guide interactions in their Generative AI solutions.

Prompts can define how an AI system communicates, the type of information it seeks from a user, the specific task it performs, and how it will respond to user queries. The AIX Prompt Studio also offers the capability of prompts chaining and templating.

Prompts chaining enables the AI Experience platform to design, develop, and manage complex dialogues that require the preservation of context over multiple exchanges. The templating feature allows developers to design templates for capturing proven and standard interaction patterns into a single reusable template.

Software Development Kit (SDK) and Universal Development Framework for APIs and Connectors

The Aisera AIX SDK and Universal Framework for APIs/Connectors offer a streamlined, efficient, and flexible solution for AI development, greatly simplifying the integration process with third-party systems and applications, thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency in AI development projects.


In conclusion, the Aisera AIX platform offers a comprehensive and flexible solution for building and customizing Generative AI solutions. With its unique capabilities, businesses can create Generative AI solutions that are tailored to their specific needs and challenges, leading to improved operations, customer service, and competitive advantage.

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