Getting Started With AI Service Desk Solutions

We’re in the midst of one of the biggest and most exciting technological booms in history. 2020 saw an innovative explosion of digital transformation; it’s a new era of opportunity. The world has changed during the pandemic employees are leaving traditional offices to adopt work-at-home lifestyles using remote solutions for IT help desk support. Mobile options for banking are becoming more ubiquitous as people are ditching their local banks. Congress even passed a $7 billion bill that is driving digital transformation at rapid rates. AI-powered service desk solutions are leading the digital transformation boom.

All this digital transformation was supposed to happen 10, 20, and 30 years into the future. AI projects were on the back of everyone’s minds and in the corner of everyone’s “to-do” lists, but now they’re on the front and center of the “do now” lists. The time for AI is now. Artificially intelligent solutions are seeing remarkable advances in innovation and boasting incredible results for organizations that implement them. 

In the scope of digital transformation, artificial intelligence solutions show clear benefits to core business processes, and the road to AI is just as clear. Exploring, researching, and implementing the correct AI-powered Service Desk solution is an important part of turbo-boosting your AI transformation. Where and how should you start?

Start with the IT Help Desk

What is an AI Service Desk? Traditional IT Help Desks are plagued with repetitive and manual tasks and inquiries from users. An AI-powered service desk software leverages key intelligent automation technologies to improve ITSM processes and bring employee self-service into the picture, empowering employees with accurate answers and resolutions in seconds all without human interaction. The ability to auto-resolve tasks and take care of user inquiries provides IT Help Desk agents with more time to spend on complex tasks, improving overall productivity.

What Tech Does Your Service Desk Solution Need?

How are you going to come out of this tech boom thriving and successful? What tech do you need to get to the future today? Make sure your AI Service Desk has these pivotal and next-gen technology advances to guarantee success.

Unsupervised AI Learning: Unlike Supervised AI Learning, Unsupervised AI Learning utilizes unlabeled data to train with natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU), negating the need for human supervision (you won’t need a data scientist or high technical expertise to operate it). This is a key advantage that Unsupervised AI Learning has labeled data is costly, unlabeled data is abundant. Unsupervised AI Learning saves time and money by leveraging unlabeled data to learn on its own. It’s equipped with all the necessary intelligence and automation to find patterns, data, and information.

If a vendor has Supervised AI, don’t just walk away run away. Supervised AI is inefficient and slow, and will drag your efforts into the ground and stunt your growth. Supervised AI requires too much heavy lifting; your data scientists will spend most of their valuable time spoon-feeding and training the AI with resources, scripting, and more.

Workflow Automation and Orchestration: With Workflow Automation and Orchestration, you won’t have to spend time and money developing and building workflows to feed to your AI. A great AI Service Desk or AI HelpDesk will have tons of predefined workflows that can be launched right out of the box with ease. It’ll do its own orchestration and automation, removing the burden from these “human” tasks. Through automation, your Service Desk agents can now focus their attention on critical tasks instead of the mundane.

Why is it important to have Workflow Automation and Orchestration? The reason you’d want this right out of the box is that most vendors won’t include this with what they offer for an AI solution you’ll need to go to another vendor just for an orchestration engine. Save yourself valuable time and resources by choosing an AI-powered Service Desk solution that already has Workflow Automation and Orchestration.

Ticket Intelligence and Agent-Assist: You’ll want to improve agent productivity, satisfaction, and efficiency by making it easier for your agents to do their jobs. Ticket Intelligence and Agent-Assist technology will do the manual ticket creation, triaging, routing, etc. all by itself in your ticketing system. It will also be capable of offering up advice to agents so they can answer escalations even faster. Make the lives of your agents easier by picking a solution with Ticket Intelligence and Agent-Assist.

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Avoid Vendors that Ask You to Clean Your Data

In your search for the right AI-powered Service Desk solution, you’ll encounter vendors that will ask you to clean your data beforehand. Don’t waste your time collecting documents, information, and knowledge. A good, real pure-play AI solution should be able to leverage unsupervised AI that will not only self-learn without training, but it will do it accurately and efficiently.

The Five No’s of Buying an AI Solution

Here’s the gist when you’re buying an AI solution, the best way to avoid making the wrong decision is by paying attention to the “Five No’s.”

  1. No historical data should be needed. It is a misconception that you’ll need historical data to get started. If a vendor is asking for you to have historical data readily available for the AI to train from, it’s the wrong solution for you.
  2. No experts needed. The right AI solution is one that won’t need you to hire or allocate talent just to run the AI. The right AI solution should run on its own, right out of the box.
  3. No AI training should be required. You’ll want a truly intelligent solution in your pocket one that can learn on its own.
  4. No professional services needed. Ideally, running, deploying, or training your AI should be an ease the AI should do pretty much everything itself. If you are asked to purchase professional services alongside the AI solution, it’s a bad choice in itself.
  5. No prep work required. Don’t go with vendors that ask you to clean, organize, sift through, or standardize your data. As the name suggests, artificial intelligence should be intelligent. The right AI solution won’t need prep work. It’ll work right from the get-go.

The Three Easy Steps to Get Started

You should now have a deeper understanding of what to look out for and keep in mind when you’re adopting a cloud based AI solution. Here’s three easy steps to get you started with AI-powered Service Desk:

  1. Focus on your users’ needs: Pick out your top 10 most repetitive tasks, actions, and workflows. Are your IT Help Desk agents up-to-the-neck in employee service requests and inquiries? Are there specific manual tasks that take up way too much time? Paying attention to your users’ needs will help you find the solution right for your organization.
  2. Don’t overthink or over-complicate things: You don’t need historical data, experts, AI training, professional services, or prep work. Pick an AI solution that has everything ready to go as soon as you get it.
  3. Start as soon as possible: The digital world is transforming, and it’s transforming faster than ever before. Keeping up with digital transformation should be on the forefront of your mind. If you want to beat the competition, you’ll need to have next-gen technology now. Get that started with an AI-powered IT Help Desk.

Why an Intelligent Service Desk Solution?

Aisera’s AI Service Desk solution streamlines service resolution with advanced AI and Cognitive AI Automation technologies like Conversational AI and RPA. Aisera provides out-of-the-box AI for IT Service Management (ITSM), HR, Facilities, Sales, Customer Service, and Operations to deliver 45-60% self-service resolutions on Day One. With Aisera’s AI Service Management (AISM) Solution, businesses deliver personalized omnichannel service experience to their employees and customers for improved satisfaction.